Ripon Farm Services now supplying METOS weather stations from Pessl Instruments

Ripon Farm Services have partnered with Pessl Instruments to support Metos weather stations, enabling farmers to make better data-driven decisions for their crops.

Metos weather stations and sensors collect climatic data in the field and assess the conditions against the likelihood of common crop diseases. Farmers can easily see the level of risk to their crop on the interactive FieldClimate dashboard. Disease models are available for a huge number of crops, including all common cereals, roots, vegetables fruit and turf. By only applying fungicides when there is a high risk of disease incidence can save time and costs.

The field-level data from Metos stations, including hyper-local weather forecast, is available on smartphones via the FieldClimate app, online, or through the John Deere Operations Centre.

James Parker, Group FarmSight Manager from Ripon Farm Services, comments “We are delighted to support Metos weather stations to bring farmers accurate field data to help with everyday farming decisions. At the click of a button farmers will be able to identify which fields need spraying, when and where to irrigate and so on. The data can connect to the John Deere Operations Centre which many of our customers will be familiar with, creating an integrated precision farming tool that will save farmers time and money.”

Contact your Ripon Farm Services Precision Ag Consultant to discuss the range of Metos stations and sensors that could help make better informed decisions on disease control and a whole lot more.