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Improve Soil Structure with Strip Till Establishment

February 29th, 2024

Strip-till is where only the future seed furrow is cultivated, preserving a layer of undisturbed residue in the inter-row. By working only in the seed furrow, you give the crop every chance of success just like a conventional preparation.

In the row, you benefit from soil preparation, just like with a conventional machine and in the inter-row, you capitalise on the advantages of direct seeding while preserving a cover of residue and maintaining soil structure. 

The Kuhn Striger

  1. Warming up the seeding line for a faster start to plant growth 
  2. Preserving moisture between the rows and retaining natural rainwater infiltration channels
  3. Loosening the soil without creating a deep pan
  4. Preserving organic matter on the surface, limiting weed growing and soil erosion between rows
  5. Saving time and fuel
  6. Increase field carrying capacity for harvest traffic 

Speak to your local Area Sales Manager for available row spacing configurations and individual row units.

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