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Better Bailing with John Deere Crop Packaging

May 20th, 2024

Tama UK collaborated with John Deere over 7 years ago to produce all crop packaging for John Deere. The result is a comprehensive range of industry leading net, wrap and twine for all bale types.

Tama UK, who have over 100 years experience in crop packaging solutions, collaborated with John Deere to produce all crop packaging them. The combination of Tama's knowledge of the baling business and John Deere’s rigorous verification and validation processes ensures outstanding performance in all areas. The result is a comprehensive range of industry leading net, wrap and twine for all bale types.

Quick to load, easy to use and designed for a long life.

John Deere crop packaging products deliver superior performance. For example. the netwrap gives you more bales per roll, better crop protection for longer lasting bales, as well as a low cost per bale.


Tama UK visited one of our Ripon Farm Services customers to find out what they had to say about John Deere crop packaging:

The urgency to provide power from renewable energy sources has led to whole new markets for crop balers.The majority of the crops baled by customers JW Evison & Sons in Hull go to a string of local biomass power stations. 

The contract baling business was set up by brothers Mike and Andrew Evison in 1991 to help provide a diversified income from their pig farm.

“We mainly bale cereal straw, hay and haylage – whatever is required,” says Mike’s son Lewis Evison. “The majority of it goes to the several renewable power stations in the area that we supply, but also to livestock farmers. The market for biomass has definitely grown in the last ten years.”

The business employs seven people throughout the year – five of whom are family with two other staff members – and an additional staff through the summer to help them bale 50,000 tonnes using ten balers.

A good relationship with Tama has led to their choice of Tama Impax 1500m twine. “We’re not out to get the most expensive or the cheapest – just the one that does the job for the right money. When you come across something that you like and it works, you just go with it.

“Andy (at Tama UK) has always been there for us for a good discussion or talk, sorting any problems that may arise, giving advice.”

Good relationships are at the heart of good business for Lewis, which is why they value their close relationship with Ripon Farm Services.

“We’ve worked with them since before I was born,” says Lewis. “In fact, the workshop manager is my godfather! Although he wasn’t working for them at the time! Some of the mechanics are a similar age as me, so I’ve known some of them since before they started working there.

“It’s just simple, it works well – if you want a John Deere tractor, that’s where you get it from. And they’ve got a great parts department that can get you just about any part you require!”

Despite the success of the contract baling business, the Evisons still class themselves as pig farmers, and have built a successful hog roast business alongside.

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