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John Deere presents new self-propelled sprayer, the 300M

November 15th, 2023

Smart, compact and featuring a front cab; the new 300M expands John Deere's self-propelled sprayer portfolio in the compact segment.

Smart, compact and featuring a front cab; the new 300M expands John Deere's self-propelled sprayer portfolio in the compact segment.

Featuring the latest Precision Ag technology, a minimum turning radius and two types of boom with or without air sleeve, the 300M is the new specialist sprayer for narrow areas and high-value crops.

With the 332M and the 340M, two model variants are introduced. The 332M offers a tank size of 3200 litres and a 175 hp 4-cylinder John Deere engine. A boom width of up to 28 metres and a turning circle of 3.8 metres are ideally suited for work in narrow areas. 

The 340M has a tank size of 4000 litres and a working width of up to 36 metres. This width, the 225 hp 6-cylinder John Deere engine and a turning circle of 4.2 metres facilitate high performance and compact operation at the same time.

With their compact design and all-wheel steering, both variants of the 300M are suited for narrow roads and field work in any situation. Automatically adjustable track width from 150-180cm, 180-225cm and 225-300cm allow flexible use in all types of crops, including high-value. The 50:50 weight distribution reduces soil compaction and makes work possible even under difficult conditions.

The John Deere 300M is equipped with the latest John Deere Precision Ag essentials, such as the StarFireTM Receiver, the G5Plus Universal Display and JDLinkTM. The new cab position provides excellent all-round and boom visibility. The suspended and heated seats provide the best comfort, and the new CAT 4 cab is equipped with the latest filter technology.

Both models of the 300M are offered with a steel boom and a stainless-steel boom with air sleeve. Both are available with Individual Nozzle Control. Particularly when used in high-value crops, the air-assisted boom of the 300M provides excellent coverage of tall and leafy crops by increased penetration of the crop canopy. The air curtain opens the crop and swirls the spray into the foliage making it ideal for lettuce, vegetables and strawberries.

The PowrSprayTM two-circuit liquid system design is also a key feature on the 300M. It offers fast filling of up to 600L/min and a highly precise output of 750L/min at three bars. With its unique design and fast response time of only three seconds from minimum to maximum, the centrifugal spray pump with direct rate control offers an accuracy of 98%. PowrSprayTM technology, already used on the trailed model R700i, offers a variety of advantages such as stress-free filling thanks to ActivePause and the 50-litre PowrFill eductor.

The John Deere 300M will be available in the UK in model year 2024. 

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