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Farming Equipment & Technology Fund 2024

March 12th, 2024

The Farming Equipment & Technology Fund 2024 has been announced with a huge number of items available for grant funding including many technology options.

You can apply until midday on 17th April 2024 for productivity and slurry items. 

You can apply until midday on 1st May 2024 for animal health and welfare items. 

With technology at the forefront of today's farming, we wanted to highlight some key items that are available, from 2023 and new for 2024: 

  • Assisted steer system (retro fitted for older tractors) (FETF47)
  • Digital weather station (FETF118) 
  • Manure Constituent Sensing (FETF28)
  • Real time inline forage crop analyser (FETF48) 
  • Onboard weighing system for agricultural trailers (FETF421) 

AutoTrac Universal 300

The John Deere AutoTrac Universal (ATU) 300 automated steering solution can be fitted to more than 600 different machines. It's compatible with older John Deere models and alternative brands, regardless of the age or color of your machines. 

The ATU 300 unit can be easily transferred from machine to machine, it's simple to install and use. The ATU 300 enables field operation at only 0.5 km/h, when you need accuracy at a slow speed.

Over £1100 worth of funding available on the FETF 2024 Grant.

METOS Weather Stations

METOS weather stations in the field help with plant protection, less chemical inputs, resource savings, allowing you to act in regard to site specific weather conditions and help you to predict/prevent drought, frost, pests and disease damage.

Measured data: air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, soil moisture, soil temperature, leaf wetness. 

Calculated data: Delta T, VPD, Dew Point. 

Receive grant funding towards a Silver Package METOS Weather Station. 

Manure Constituent Sensing

Measure liquid manure nutrient levels in real time using the HarvestLab™ 3000 sensor. Precisely apply nutrients at targeted or limited levels with automated speed control on your tractor. 

HarvestLab™ 3000 continuously measures nutrients during the application at more than 4000 times per second. This allows for tracking of nutrient variations between different storage locations as well as differences within individual tank loads. This data is then used to control application amounts as well as the creation of as applied documentation for each nutrient across the field. 

HarvestLab is a piece of hardware that enables monitoring across 4 distinct areas, find out more.

The FETF 2024 Grant is offering up to 60% off for analysing slurry, forage and cereals.

Variable Rate Controller

The FETF 2024 grant is available for the GreenStar Rate Controller and Solsteer ISO-Seed Module (to be used in conjunction with one of the below John Deere Displays). 

John Deere Displays 

  • 4640 Display
  • G5 Display 
  • G5Plus Display   


GreenStar Rate Controller

The compact GreenStar Rate Controller is a retrofit solution for enabling rate and section control on non-ISOBUS implements by serving as the interface for your display. You can automatically control fertiliser, chemical, nutrient and seed delivery without the need for a second console in the cab. GreenStar Rate Controller integrates with many implements such as John Deere or non-John Deere pull-type sprayers, liquid manure spreaders, liquid fertiliser systems and planters.

Solsteer ISO-Seed Module

The ISO-Seed Interface converts a LH-5000 or TUVR serial protocol to ISOBUS Task Controller. This makes it possible to send variable application rates from a ISOBUS TC terminal to third party controllers.

Solsteer ISO-Weigh

The ISO-Weigh is an intelligent dynamic weighing system which fully integrates into the ISOBUS system. As the operator lifts the trailer, the display within the cab informs the user of the mass of the content within the trailer. 

Over £1700 of grant funding available on the FETF 2024 scheme.

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