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Variable Rate & Section Control

What is Variable Rate and what does it deliver?

No two fields are the same and once we know the differences, together we can help build yields. With this objective in mind, variable rate allows fields to be zoned to allow tailored activity. Issues such as soil type and drainage can be analysed, and corrective action taken to deliver the correct levels of seed or fertiliser to improve yields. The result is maximum productivity.

What does Section Control add?

John Deere Section Control automatically turns individual implement sections on and off at predeined locations in the field. The system is compatible with all John Deere implements supporting section control functionality as well as with ISOBUS compliant implements from other brands.

Is Section Control restricted to new equipment?

The good news is that the answer is no, we have options available to retrofit. We know you want the most up to date tech but not always on the latest equipment.

The first step with getting started with Variable Rate and Section Control is to determine whether or not your machine and/or implement is ISObus. 

ISObus - All John Deere Gen 4 Displays are AEF certified ISObus compliant. 

Non ISObus - We have several options for enabling rate and section control on non-ISOBUS implements.

  • GreenStar Rate Controller

    A great product for controlling the application rate of liquid fertiliser tanks, whether front mounted for planting potatoes or mounted on another implement (a seeder for example). We can also take a signal from the rate controller to automatically turn the planter or seeder on and off, using Section Control.

    The GS rate controller can also be used to replace the original rate controller on your self-propelled or trailed sprayer which will add Variable Rate and Section Control capabilities, improving the machines efficiency.

  • GreenStar Rate Controller Dry

    The GS Rate Controller Dry is a great product for belt-type lime or fertiliser spreaders, it allows variable rate by controlling both belt and disc speed. 

  • SolSteer ISO-Seed

    ISO-Seed makes it possible to send variable application rates, this is compatible with

    • Kuhn Quantron
    • Vaderstad Control Station
    • RDS
    • Muller
    • Amazone Amatron+

    to third party controllers.

  • ISObus Spray Controller

    We can upgrade your existing sprayer with the addition of an ISObus Spray Controller to automatically control your existing sections, or even add additional sections to increase effeciency. 

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