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Operations Center & Connectivity

What is the John Deere Operations Centre?

The John Deere Operations Center is a digital farm management tool that helps you make better, smarter, more informed business decisions. It works with all units, drives efficiencies, saves real money per hectare - and it’s FREE. 

When you purchase a John Deere tractor from Ripon Farm Services, it comes with the ‘My John Deere’ platform connecting your unit, the business owner or farm manager, an agronomist and our technology team in order to help you drive innovative improvements to your business efficiency.

What can it do?

Starting with information laid down via our innovative boundary mapping service, the operations centre can capture the work that’s being done in each individual field operation. Enabling the farm manager and agronomist to login to ‘My John Deere’ to review the history of the field, interpret the data regarding productivity, yield, speed rates etc. and a make informed and accurate planning decisions on future activity.  

Unbeatable mechanical support

In order to keep your business moving and reduce downtime, the John Deere operation system enables us to login and see mechanical data, service history, pre-empt potential issues and keep your units working and your business moving.

How can it benefit me?

Ripon Farm Service specialist experience and expertise with the ‘My John Deere’ Operations Center platform helps busy, hard-working farmers to drive efficiencies in their business by

  • Tracking jobs and sending data wirelessly
  • Managing machines and sharing field data
  • Analysing fields instantly and making smarter decisions

Want to get started with Ops Center?

Our Technology team is on hand to help. Contact us today to learn how technology can deliver for you:

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We offer technology to maximise both your equipment and land, find out more about what we offer.

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