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What is AutoTrac and how can it benefit me?

AutoTrac, put simply, steers equipment automatically. Removing human input and following predefined lines improves performance and efficiency.

What are the AutoTrac options?

At Ripon Farm Services, we will always offer the solution best suited to growing your business. AutoTrac is no different. For those purchasing new John Deere equipment, AutoTrac can be integrated at build but there are other options. The universal option offers an electronic steering wheel that can be moved between equipment, John Deere and other manufacturers. For a more permanent solution, the controller option offers a hydraulic valve block. Different options for different situations but the same outcome, improved productivity.

In addition to AutoTrac, the additional facility of AIG (Active Implement Guidance) or a passive option are available to supply the optimum level of tracking.

  • AutoTrac Universal

    This automated steering solution can be fitted to more than 600 different machines, from older John Deere models to alternative brands.

    The ATU 300 unit can be easily transferred from machine to machine in less than 30 minutes. It’s not only easy to install and use, it’s also extremely robust and reliable and now even approved for open operator station tractors. The ATU 300 enables operation at only 0.5 km/h, slower than other universal systems.

  • AutoTrac Controller

    AutoTrac Controller connects your existing GreenStar equipment with your non-John Deere fleet. This allows you to utilise your investment in the AutoTrac system on a variety of machinery brands with the same familiar monitor, user interface and reliable functionality. This removes the need to train staff on different systems, increasing efficiency by eradicating time consuming processes on farm.

    The AutoTrac Controller is not confined to steer-ready machines, we also have a solution for non-steer ready machines. 

  • AutoTrac Integrated

    Most new John Deere machines are available from factory with AutoTrac as standard, however we can retrofit AutoTrac if your John Deere machine has not been spec'd with it.

    As a John Deere dealer, we can install all the genuine parts as a kit leaving you with a machine that looks and feels like it has had AutoTrac from new. 

  • Bridge Kits


    A Bridge Kit allows you to utilise your existing investment in a John Deere AutoTrac system on a variety of other machinery brands, whilst having the same familiar monitor and user interface. This removes the need to train staff on different systems and allows data collection which is fully compatible with the Ops Center.

  • AutoTrac Vision

    AutoTrac Vision uses a front-mounted camera to see early-season corn or grain with at least 10cm hight. The unique fusion of a camera image and auto-generated A-B lines ensures that even in spots where the camera is unable to detect distinctive crop rows, you can rely on the system to guide the machine. AutoTrac Vision will even work with a slurry tanker in early season corn, as soon as the plants are at least 20cm high.

  • AutoTrac RowSense

    Whether it’s down corn, curves or simply harvesting a field with uneven row spacing because it has been planted without AutoTrac: John Deere AutoTrac RowSense helps you to always stay in the right row, enabling you to concentrate on the machine, while maintaining speed and significantly reducing operator stress.


  • Active Implement Guidance

    Active Implement Guidance (AIG) automatically steers the implement to the guidance line by providing satellite data correction to the implement steering mechanism, reducing the adverse impact of implement drift. While the tractor uses the AutoTrac system to follow the desired path in the field, the implement receiver provides a correction signal to the controller that steers the implement. With Active Implement Guidance, producers no longer have to worry about the emerged crop, as both the tractor and implement are operating on the A-B line.

20 years of AutoTrac

  • AutoTrac Automatic Steering

    AutoTrac automatic steering for John Deere machines.

  • AutoTrac Universal & RTK Signal

    AutoTrac Universal for retrofitting mixed fleets with automatic steering.

    RTK Signal for highest accuracy, quick signal availability and no satelite drift.

  • AutoTrac iTEC Pro

    AutoTrac Turn Automation at headlands with iTEC Pro.

  • AutoTrac Implement Guidance - Passive

    Passive guidance to ensure exact implement positioning.

  • Active Implement Guidance, Machine Sync & AutoTrac Controller

    Active Implement Guidance puts machine and implement on the same precise path.

    Machine Sync automates the unloading process for two machines working together.

    AutoTrac Controller to retrofit integrates AutoTrac on mixed fleets.

  • John Deere Operations Center

    Powerful tool to manage guidance lines and much more online.

  • Remote Display Access

    Superior operartor support through Remote Display Access. 

  • AutoTrac Green Fit

    AutoTrac through Reichardt Green Fit for easy retrofit of mixed fleets.

  • AutoPath

    AutoPath simplifies guidance line management for different implement width.

  • AutoTrac TIM & Autonomous 8R Tractor

    AutoTrac TIM through AEF ISObus interface for mixed fleets.

    Automonous 8R Tractor introduced.

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