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Sensing & Monitoring

Sensing and monitoring technology completes the process, offering ongoing analysis on which to base business decisions.

Monitoring is a remote process that operates constantly, allowing the user to access the information when required. Data can be viewed, such as the weather via Metos, while threshold levels can be set to raise alerts to take action.

Sensing contains a range of more active processes, including Yield Mapping and HarvestLab.

Yield Mapping is the foundation of precision agriculture, technology that identifies the varying outputs from a field to allow you to take the correct action to improve yield.

HarvestLab is a piece of hardware that enables monitoring across 4 distinct areas:

  • Foragers – simultaneously measures the dry matter and various constituents of harvested crops to help you improve field nutrient management
  • Manure sensing – fitting HarvestLab™ to a slurry tanker lets you apply nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in kg/ha with more precision, save mineral fertilizer and achieve better, more consistent crop growth and quality.
  • Stationery – use the sensor as a stationary unit to measure the ingredients of your silage to optimise your feed rations
  • Grain sensing – record and map moisture, protein, starch and oil for every second of the harvest, with results available on your combine’s display and in the John Deere Operations Center™

Read our customer case study on the benefits of using John Deere HarvestLab.

METOS Weather Stations

Automate all your farming activities, boost the yield, manage natural resources and lower the impact on the environment with the help of remote field monitoring. Choosing METOS will help you act on time - but only when necessary. This weather station in the field will help with:

  • plant protection
  • less chemical inputs
  • resource savings
  • act in regard to site specific weather conditions
  • predict/prevent drought, frost, pests and disease damage

Measured Data: air temperature, relative humidity, percipitation, soil moisture, soil temperature, leaf wetness. 

Calculated Data: Delta T, VPD, Dew Point. 

Contact our Technology team to discuss your requirements and to determine which METOS weather station would be most suitable for you.

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