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Today, Ripon Farm Services offer a range of receivers and correction signal to suit any requirement and any equipment.

What are your options?

Firstly, receivers are offered either as universal, enabling transfer between equipment or as integrated within a machine. Each option has benefits, dependent on need, the flexibility of a universal unit or the security of integration.

Both units receive GPS information which when linked with applications help deliver results, whatever the job.

How does correction signalling help?

One word, accuracy. We know every centimetre matters, correction signal will further benefit when spreading, cutting or cultivating. Base level accuracy is measured within 15cm but upgrades to SF3 will create accuracy within 3cm and can be stored for 9 months, while RTK is accurate within 2cm and can be stored indefinitely.

Current Model: SF6000


  • Free
  • 15cm accuracy
  • 15min repeatability


  • 1 time SF3 unlock
  • 3cm accuracy
  • 9 month repeatability
  • SF3 sub in 1, 3, 12months


  • 1 time RTK unlock
  • 2cm accuracy
  • Long term repeatability
  • RTK radio or mobile required


Generations of John Deere Receivers

  • Original StarFire SF2

    • Horizontal pass-to-pass accuracy: +/- 10cm (4 in). 
    • Pull-in time: Less than 90 minutes
    • GNSS constellations: GPS

    This model is fully retired and no longer supported.



  • Original StarFire iTC SF2

    • Horizontal pass-to-pass accuracy: +/- 10cm (4 in.)
    • Pull-in time: Less than 90 minutes
    • GNSS constellations: GPS

    Egnos only for variable rate and documentation (subject to software version).

  • StarFire 3000 SF2

    • Horizontal pass-to-pass accuracy: +/-5 cm (2 in.)
    • Pull-in time: Less than 90 minutes
    • GNSS constellations: GPS + GLONASS

    SF2 ready and RTK ready activations. SF2 subscriptions available in 1, 3 or 12 months. 

  • StarFire 6000 SF3

    • Horizontal pass-to-pass accuracy: +/- 3cm (1.2 in.)
    • Pull-in time: +/- 3cm (1.2 in.)
    • GNSS constellations: GPS + GLONASS

    SF3 ready and RTK ready activations. and SF3 subscriptions available in 1, 3 or 12 months.

  • StarFire 7000 - Coming 2023!

How can we help?

Our Technology team is on hand 7 days a week. Contact us today to learn how technology can deliver for you:

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We offer technology to maximise both your equipment and land, find out more about what we offer.

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