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Special Offer on NSTS Testing

September 28th, 2023

Ensure you're up to date with your NSTS testing on your machines with our special offers. We are offering special pricing for NSTS testing until January 31st 2024.

NSTS Testing Special Pricing

We are offering special pricing for NSTS testing for all types of Pesticide Application Equipment (PAE) and fertiliser spreaders until January 31st 2024. 

The special offer pricing for the testing is as follows:

  • Mounted sprayer £180
  • Trailed sprayer £210
  • Self-propelled sprayer £280
  • Spreader £180
  • Slug pelleter £180

All prices are subject to a certification fee.

The NSTS provide testing for all types of Pesticide Application Equipment (PAE) and fertiliser spreaders, which was introduced in 2003 following the introduction of a voluntary scheme set up in 1997 by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA). Today, they tests more than 20,000 machines annually.

The National Sprayer Testing Scheme is a requirement of many UK farm assurance schemes and supermarket protocols, as well as satisfying the sprayer testing requirements fof the sustaiable use directive.

All pestcide application equipment now needs to hold a valid test certificate, including  trailed, mounted and self-propelled sprayers, as well as foggers, misters, granular and slug pellet applicators.

Contact your local service manager for more information on this offer and to book your tests. 

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