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The Ifor Williams HBX511 is a pleasure to drive

May 18th, 2023

Customer Testimonial: Mrs Rebecca Scott Ifor Williams HBX511

When Mrs Rebecca Scott wanted to upgrade her horsebox, she knew what she was looking for.

Reliability, strength and practicality were uppermost in her mind.

But on top of those three features, the replacement trailer had to be stylish, innovative, and great value.

So, when Rebecca heard about the new Ifor Williams HBX range, she just had to see one — and when she saw one at the Great Yorkshire Show, she wasn’t disappointed.

Ifor’s horseboxes have always towed well on full leaf-spring suspension and the designers have now achieved a perfect balance of weight distribution that makes towing an Ifor Williams Trailer a dream.

The new all-aluminium construction means extended longevity. Being light but strong, aluminium is an ideal material for trailer construction. But what really make the HBX range stand out from the crowd are the smooth aerodynamic lines and the trailer’s panoramic front windows. Combined with innovative features such as the combination rear door (which allow for barn door configuration as well as the normal ramp) the new HBX range impresses from all angles.

Rebecca rides her horse for hunting and leisure all around Yorkshire. Like all riders, she simply wants to hook on, load up easily, get to the location trouble-free and get riding… HBX does the job effortlessly for her.

‘It’s a real pleasure to drive to an event with my HBX’ says Rebecca. ‘My horse loves it — it’s light, airy and smooth. He’s so fresh when we arrive and loves going back in for the return journey.’

‘And what really made the whole experience perfect,’ she goes on, ‘was the way Ripon Trailer Centre looked after me. The lead time was considerable, as world shortages and Covid made manufacturing a challenge for a while. But Jack kept me informed and when the trailer finally arrived, he and Graham, and the rest of the Ripon team made my Ifor Williams journey an absolute pleasure.’

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