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24-1 Software Release

John Deere have announced the latest software update for their precision agriculture offering. 

AutoPath (Boundaries)

A new feature of AutoPath that generates guidance plans for the entire field automatically, based on driven field boundary. Path plans can be created in 3 simple steps: 

  1. Select a driven field boundary
  2. Set a headland size and offset type
  3. Let AutoPath (Boundaries) automatically create guidance tracks for the entire field

Choose to setup and preview full-field guidance plans online using the John Deere Operations Center or create plans from the ground up from the seat of the cab when you arrive in the field.  

Using the three simple inputs outlined above, you can effortlessly create guidance plans for the entire crop season in one sitting. When it's go-time, send the plan to the display using setup file creator and get to work.

Align to boundary identifies the best starting point to begin work in the field, which eliminates gaps and minimses overlaps.

If you have a larger field that you farm in multiple 'zones' AutoPath can create a single plan for each of the zones applying the same settings (heading angle, headland, etc.) to the entire field.

AutoTrac Turn Automation Enhancements

John Deere have announced two enhancements to AutoTrac Turn Automation for tractor customers.

1. Turn Size Adjustments

Easily adjust the turn size at the click of a button on your display.






2. Skip Turn Recommendations

This feature detects areas where improvements can be made in turn quality and automatically recommends the appropriate adjustments to make. With this feature ATTA users can create more efficient turns, save time, reduce operator stress and decrease the risk of equipment damage.

Idle Reasons

Eliminate downtime by empowering operators to input the reasons behind machine idle time and gain valuable insights to optimise equipment performance.

This feature allows operators to select an 'idle reason' in the machine cab, the message is then shared to Operations Center and complied into a report. This allows owners to identify the underlying cause of operational inefficiencies related to machines exceuting work. 

In-Field Data Sharing Enhancements

Several enhancements have been added to In-Field Data Sharing: 

  1. When starting new work, a new group is automatically created
  2. When creating a new group or joining an existing group, the operator can choose to create 'new work' or 'resume work'
  3. When changing product while in a work group, the operator is asking if they want to create 'new work' or 'resume work'
  4. To join a work group for planting or harvest, the same crop must be selected by all members of the group.



Implement Receiver Measurements

With the 24-1 update, the system utilising the measurements from the implement profile to populate the StarFire measurements automatically.

GPS Height: When you enter the GPS height measurement into the implement profile, it will automatically populate in the StarFire set up page.

Fore/Aft: When you enter the centre of rotation and implement receiver inline offset, the StarFire Fore/Aft measurement will be automatically calculated and entered into the StarFire setup page.


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