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John Deere 2066 Level Land CombineJohn Deere 2066 Level Land Combine £22,000 ex VATRiponSN: 11118686Ifor Williams DP120 TrailerIfor Williams DP120 Trailer £5,750 ex VATOttringhamSN: E1120812Kramer KT447 TelehandlerKramer KT447 Telehandler £48,000 ex VAT2018BriggSN: E1115851John Deere 6930 PremiumJohn Deere 6930 Premium £49,750 ex VAT2010RiponSN: 11118514Massey Ferguson 5713MMassey Ferguson 5713M £45,000 ex VAT2021RiponSN: 11120129John Deere 5090RJohn Deere 5090R £28,500 ex VAT2009RetfordSN: D1115954John Deere 6430 John Deere 6430 £36,750 ex VAT2007StocktonSN: A1118335Easterby 10500L BowserEasterby 10500L Bowser £10,250 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: C1116353ECHO SC5540B ChipperECHO SC5540B Chipper £895 ex VATRiponSN: 11117279John Deere 8370RTJohn Deere 8370RT £95,000 ex VAT2015BriggSN: E1115280Kverneland 4 Furrow PloughKverneland 4 Furrow Plough £1,475 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31120672Sumo 3.5m TrioSumo 3.5m Trio £8,750 ex VAT2014StocktonSN: A1117933Sumo 2.5M TrioSumo 2.5M Trio £8,750 ex VAT2008TadcasterSN: 21120766Sulky HR Polyculture Power HarrowSulky HR Polyculture Power Harrow £7,250 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: B1120491John Deere 6155RJohn Deere 6155R Price on Application2020OttringhamSN: 11120287Nugent QT6 ATV TrailerNugent QT6 ATV Trailer £1,300 ex VAT2019TadcasterSN: 21120890Zurn 30ft Rape ExtensionZurn 30ft Rape Extension £5,000 ex VAT2010RetfordSN: D1113079Spearhead R245 Flail MowerSpearhead R245 Flail Mower Price on Application2018LouthSN: RG-18-10-21Stronga SE168 GrabStronga SE168 Grab £1,200 ex VAT2003LouthSN: F1118510PZ 300 HaybobPZ 300 Haybob £950 ex VATLouthSN: F1118386Lemken Europal 8 PloughLemken Europal 8 Plough Price on ApplicationLouthSN: F1118058Claas Lexion 760 CombineClaas Lexion 760 Combine Price on Application2015LouthSN: RG-20-10-21Claas Lexion 780 CombineClaas Lexion 780 Combine Price on Application2017RiponSN: RG-19-10-21Edlington 6.3m Cambridge RollsEdlington 6.3m Cambridge Rolls £3,250 ex VATBriggSN: E1119169Kuhn TBES 222 Verge MowerKuhn TBES 222 Verge Mower £5,950 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31120634Howard 5 Leg SubsoilerHoward 5 Leg Subsoiler £3,575 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31118960John Deere Bale GrappleJohn Deere Bale Grapple £999 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: B1099439John Deere XUV 865M GatorJohn Deere XUV 865M Gator £17,250 ex VAT2019StocktonSN: A1120514Sumo 3m TrioSumo 3m Trio £16,850 ex VAT2020StocktonSN: A1117631Tanco 170 Bale Shear GrabTanco 170 Bale Shear Grab £1,750 ex VAT2013StocktonSN: A1120682Twose 6.2m RollersTwose 6.2m Rollers £2,650 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: MP-14-10-21Kuhn 3570 Primor Feeder/BedderKuhn 3570 Primor Feeder/Bedder £9,550 ex VAT2016StocktonSN: A1120757Kuhn HR6002DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6002DR Power Harrow £5,500 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: B1119224Kuhn HR6003DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6003DR Power Harrow £10,750 ex VATRiponSN: 21113160Agriweld 3.5m CultivatorAgriweld 3.5m Cultivator £5,950 ex VATRiponSN: 11120423Kramer KT276 TelehandlerKramer KT276 Telehandler £45,250 ex VAT2019RiponSN: 11119324Equi-Trek Space Treka 111 Horse BoxEqui-Trek Space Treka 111 Horse Box Price on Application2017OttringhamSN: 31120555Kuhn HR6004DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6004DR Power Harrow £17,500 ex VAT2016RiponSN: F1115037Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro 15 Diet FeederShelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro 15 Diet Feeder £7,750 ex VAT2015RiponSN: 31112440Amazone ZAM 3000 Ultra Fertiliser SpreaderAmazone ZAM 3000 Ultra Fertiliser Spreader £6,250 ex VATMaltonSN: C1118910Spearhead Sniper 250 Flail MowerSpearhead Sniper 250 Flail Mower £2,500 ex VATMaltonSN: C1118360Kuhn MM153 PloughKuhn MM153 Plough £10,500 ex VATStocktonSN: A1117629Claas Liner 2900 Twin Rotor RakeClaas Liner 2900 Twin Rotor Rake £7,950 ex VATRetfordSN: D1119090Claas Scorpion 7055 TelehandlerClaas Scorpion 7055 Telehandler Price on Application2017RiponSN: 51117492Claas Scorpion 7044 TelehandlerClaas Scorpion 7044 Telehandler £29,750 ex VAT2015RiponSN: 11118512John Deere 6215RJohn Deere 6215R Price on Application2019RiponSN: 11120775John Deere 6155RJohn Deere 6155R £62,750 ex VAT2017StocktonSN: A1120079Terra Tech 3m Multi CultTerra Tech 3m Multi Cult £7,950 ex VAT2013DarringtonSN: 51115463Slurry Kat 6m Trailing ShoeSlurry Kat 6m Trailing Shoe £4,950 ex VATRiponSN: B1118050Massey Ferguson 7720Massey Ferguson 7720 £64,500 ex VAT2018LouthSN: F1119904Kuhn PZ300 HaybobKuhn PZ300 Haybob £1,395 ex VAT2012DarringtonSN: 51118345Kuhn HR6004DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6004DR Power Harrow £14,500 ex VAT2015StocktonSN: A1118870Kuhn GF4 TedderKuhn GF4 Tedder £2,450 ex VATStocktonSN: A1118468Redrock Alligator SheargrabRedrock Alligator Sheargrab £1,750 ex VATRiponSN: 11115003Stanhay Wallflower DrillStanhay Wallflower Drill £1,600 ex VATStocktonSN: A1119074Farm Force F2300DS Double PressFarm Force F2300DS Double Press £2,250 ex VATDarringtonSN: 51119438Kramer KT557 TelehanderKramer KT557 Telehander £55,750 ex VAT2017RiponSN: 11118716Kuhn HR3503 Power HarrowKuhn HR3503 Power Harrow £3,950 ex VATStocktonSN: A1120194John Deere F440R BalerJohn Deere F440R Baler £15,750 ex VAT2014DarringtonSN: 51118465KRM 3000 CombinationKRM 3000 Combination Price on ApplicationRiponSN: SP-23-09-21Amazone AD302 CombinationAmazone AD302 Combination £6,950 ex VATRiponSN: 11120155Teagle Tomahawk 8500 Straw BlowerTeagle Tomahawk 8500 Straw Blower £5,950 ex VAT2013RiponSN: 71113188Kverneland NGS601 Power HarrowKverneland NGS601 Power Harrow £8,750 ex VATDarringtonSN: 51112247Teagle Tomahawk 8080 Straw BlowerTeagle Tomahawk 8080 Straw Blower £5,250 ex VAT2010DarringtonSN: 51115421John Deere T550 Level Land CombineJohn Deere T550 Level Land Combine Price on Application2017DarringtonSN: 51120545John Deere 6120MJohn Deere 6120M £58,750 ex VAT2019MaltonSN: 51116360Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader £3,750 ex VAT2007RiponSN: A1115568John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £10,250 ex VAT2016RiponSN: 11118944John Deere 644 BalerJohn Deere 644 Baler £16,950 ex VAT2010RiponSN: 51114451Bailey 12T Root TrailerBailey 12T Root Trailer £22,500 ex VAT2020KeighleySN: 71120182Keltec Bale SlicerKeltec Bale Slicer £2,200 ex VATKeighleySN: D1120083Major 605 Jungle Buster HD TopperMajor 605 Jungle Buster HD Topper £2,995 ex VAT2018KeighleySN: 71119973John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £9,500 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 71116708Kuhn FC 283 G11 Mower ConditionerKuhn FC 283 G11 Mower Conditioner £4,250 ex VATKeighleySN: 71113367Reco Fella SM208 MowerReco Fella SM208 Mower £3,300 ex VAT2010KeighleySN: 71119220Kramer KL35.8T Tele Wheel LoaderKramer KL35.8T Tele Wheel Loader £44,750 ex VAT2018KeighleySN: 11111751Flexi Coil 5 Leg SubsoilerFlexi Coil 5 Leg Subsoiler £4,250 ex VATTadcasterSN: 21118680John Deere 1434C Large Square BalerJohn Deere 1434C Large Square Baler £33,000 ex VAT2012RiponSN: 11118979Stocks Fan Jet Twin SpreaderStocks Fan Jet Twin Spreader £1,250 ex VAT2012OttringhamSN: 31119347John Deere T670 Hill Master CombineJohn Deere T670 Hill Master Combine £130,000 ex VAT2014RiponSN: C1119821Kuhn FC 283D G11 Mower ConditionerKuhn FC 283D G11 Mower Conditioner £8,450 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 71118757John Deere 6120RJohn Deere 6120R £58,000 ex VAT2018KeighleySN: C1116254John Deere WheelsJohn Deere Wheels £2,750 ex VATBriggSN: E1099716John Deere 7400 Forage HarvesterJohn Deere 7400 Forage Harvester Price on Application2005KeighleySN: 71119031Kuhn HR4004D Power HarrowKuhn HR4004D Power Harrow £4,950 ex VAT2009StocktonSN: A1119094Row Crop WheelsRow Crop Wheels £1,000 ex VATBriggSN: E1115220Albutt S220 HX SheargrabAlbutt S220 HX Sheargrab £3,295 ex VATBriggSN: E1099924Row Crop WheelsRow Crop Wheels £2,250 ex VATBriggSN: E1099896John Deere 6130RJohn Deere 6130R £59,950 ex VAT2017RetfordSN: 11116936Richard Western D12 SpreaderRichard Western D12 Spreader £6,950 ex VAT2007StocktonSN: A1118973Kuhn GMD 700 GII MowerKuhn GMD 700 GII Mower £4,750 ex VAT2002StocktonSN: A1118837Massey Ferguson 30 DrillMassey Ferguson 30 Drill £1,750 ex VATStocktonSN: A1118795John Deere 6155RJohn Deere 6155R £64,950 ex VAT2016BriggSN: E1118767Dalbo 3M Maxi RollDalbo 3M Maxi Roll £8,950 ex VATRiponSN: 11117511King Kutter Compact GraderKing Kutter Compact Grader £550 ex VATStocktonSN: A1116681Arena Compact Levelling HarrowArena Compact Levelling Harrow £550 ex VATStocktonSN: A1116678Ifor Williams TA510 TrailerIfor Williams TA510 Trailer £2,650 ex VATOttringhamSN: E1116653Kuhn GF6401 TedderKuhn GF6401 Tedder £3,750 ex VAT2001Market WeightonSN: B1119512Kongskilde 3000 Front TerradiscKongskilde 3000 Front Terradisc £6,500 ex VAT2019RiponSN: A1119521New Holland CX880 SL CombineNew Holland CX880 SL Combine £65,000 ex VAT2004BriggSN: E1118952Claas Lexion 540 CombineClaas Lexion 540 Combine £58,000 ex VAT2005BriggSN: E1118949Sands SLC 3000 SprayerSands SLC 3000 Sprayer £18,950 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: B1110460Kverneland NGS601 Power HarrowKverneland NGS601 Power Harrow £7,250 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: 51117721John Deere 960 BalerJohn Deere 960 Baler £17,500 ex VAT2012Market WeightonSN: B1117163Mailleux 180 Toe Tip BucketMailleux 180 Toe Tip Bucket £1,295 ex VATRiponSN: 11117084John Deere 6145RJohn Deere 6145R £67,000 ex VAT2017OttringhamSN: 51117595Kuhn HR6040R Power HarrowKuhn HR6040R Power Harrow £32,000 ex VAT2020StocktonSN: AW-23-08-21SOBOKverneland KV 8055 TedderKverneland KV 8055 Tedder £3,750 ex VATBriggSN: 51118313Bunning Mk4 120 SpreaderBunning Mk4 120 Spreader £18,500 ex VAT2013RiponSN: C1119412Major MJ 70-190 Roller Mower Major MJ 70-190 Roller Mower £3,950 ex VAT2017DarringtonSN: 51119230Agrimech Compact Muck SpreaderAgrimech Compact Muck Spreader £750 ex VATDarringtonSN: 51119232Claas Rollant 340 BalerClaas Rollant 340 Baler £6,750 ex VAT2009LouthSN: 21116232John Deere 359 BalerJohn Deere 359 Baler £5,950 ex VATRiponSN: 11118964Great Plains 5.5M UniPressGreat Plains 5.5M UniPress £18,500 ex VAT2013Market WeightonSN: B1119223John Deere 7260RJohn Deere 7260R £62,950 ex VAT2014MaltonSN: 11116910Albutt 2.4M GrabAlbutt 2.4M Grab £1,750 ex VATStocktonSN: A1111412Kuhn Axera 1102 H-EMC Fertiliser SpreaderKuhn Axera 1102 H-EMC Fertiliser Spreader £2,850 ex VAT2002StocktonSN: A1110533New Holland 8050 CombineNew Holland 8050 Combine £6,950 ex VATRiponSN: 11117081Briggs & Stratton Sprint 40 EngineBriggs & Stratton Sprint 40 Engine £60 ex VATRiponSN: TP-12-08-21Horsch 3TD Express DrillHorsch 3TD Express Drill £16,500 ex VAT2011StocktonSN: A1113279New Holland 570 BalerNew Holland 570 Baler £5,950 ex VAT1998RiponSN: 51118580John Deere 6120MJohn Deere 6120M £74,000 ex VAT2020BriggSN: 11116904Kverneland Taarup 8055 TedderKverneland Taarup 8055 Tedder £4,150 ex VAT2014DarringtonSN: 51118763Kverneland 6.2m RollersKverneland 6.2m Rollers £4,500 ex VAT2007RiponSN: 11118547John Deere 750A DrillJohn Deere 750A Drill £48,750 ex VAT2019OttringhamSN: 31120546John Deere 960 BalerJohn Deere 960 Baler £20,750 ex VAT2014LouthSN: F1118509Opico 5M Grass HarrowsOpico 5M Grass Harrows £3,850 ex VAT2012RiponSN: 11090858John Deere 6195MJohn Deere 6195M £69,950 ex VAT2017LouthSN: 51118549John Deere 6195MJohn Deere 6195M £85,750 ex VAT2019OttringhamSN: 11118076Cherry NP 2200 SheargrabCherry NP 2200 Sheargrab £5,500 ex VAT2018TadcasterSN: 21118554John Deere 6215RJohn Deere 6215R £106,000 ex VAT2018RiponSN: 31115619John Deere 1355 Mower ConditionerJohn Deere 1355 Mower Conditioner £8,500 ex VAT2012MaltonSN: C1118579Kramer KT306 TelehandlerKramer KT306 Telehandler £65,000 ex VAT2019RiponSN: 11117459John Deere 6215RJohn Deere 6215R £128,000 ex VAT2020OttringhamSN: B1118140John Deere 6215RJohn Deere 6215R £128,000 ex VAT2020OttringhamSN: B1118135Kuhn 3570M Primor Straw BlowerKuhn 3570M Primor Straw Blower £8,500 ex VAT2014StocktonSN: A1117491Kverneland Exacta CL Fertiliser SpreaderKverneland Exacta CL Fertiliser Spreader £2,750 ex VAT2012KeighleySN: 71118654John Deere 7310RJohn Deere 7310R £128,750 ex VAT2018StocktonSN: A1112549John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £9,600 ex VAT2016RiponSN: 71118285Claas Volto 700 TedderClaas Volto 700 Tedder £7,950 ex VAT2016RiponSN: RG-02-07-21John Deere 6155RJohn Deere 6155R £84,950 ex VAT2016BriggSN: D1114588Dalbo Levelflex 400 Front PressDalbo Levelflex 400 Front Press £9,950 ex VAT2017RiponSN: 11106740Kuhn EL 82-155 Power TillerKuhn EL 82-155 Power Tiller £4,950 ex VAT2019RiponSN: 11117509New Holland FX 58 Forage HarvesterNew Holland FX 58 Forage Harvester £28,000 ex VAT1999StocktonSN: A1116129Kverneland Taarup 853 Straw ShredderKverneland Taarup 853 Straw Shredder £4,350 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: B1116449John Deere 7290RJohn Deere 7290R £92,500 ex VAT2016RiponSN: 31115481Ransomes TG4650 MowerRansomes TG4650 Mower £6,500 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31114680MX 6ft BucketMX 6ft Bucket £595 ex VATKeighleySN: 71112857Slewtic 1.3m SheargrabSlewtic 1.3m Sheargrab £650 ex VATKeighleySN: 71114634Hi Spec T16 Diet FeederHi Spec T16 Diet Feeder £15,500 ex VAT2010KeighleySN: 71118258Kramer KL5085 Wheel LoaderKramer KL5085 Wheel Loader £31,750 ex VAT2017RiponSN: 11115308John Deere 6155RJohn Deere 6155R £72,000 ex VAT2017RiponSN: C1113536John Deere 6145RJohn Deere 6145R £59,750 ex VAT2017MaltonSN: C1116591Kongskilde 3M Front TerradiscKongskilde 3M Front Terradisc £4,950 ex VAT2008DarringtonSN: 51117410Manitou MLT 627 Turbo TelehandlerManitou MLT 627 Turbo Telehandler £32,500 ex VAT2012Market WeightonSN: 21115780Amazone ZA-M 2501 Fertiliser SpreaderAmazone ZA-M 2501 Fertiliser Spreader £2,950 ex VAT2011Market WeightonSN: B1117518Keeble Bros 5 Leg SubsoilerKeeble Bros 5 Leg Subsoiler £4,500 ex VAT2005RetfordSN: D1117206John Deere 8270RJohn Deere 8270R £118,750 ex VAT2018BriggSN: E1113443Challenger MT765DChallenger MT765D £65,000 ex VAT2015RiponSN: 51117601Kuhn MM153 PloughKuhn MM153 Plough £9,950 ex VAT2013RiponSN: 51115636Slurry Spread BarSlurry Spread Bar £2,200 ex VATKeighleySN: 71114229Trailed Hose ReelerTrailed Hose Reeler £3,600 ex VATKeighleySN: 71114230John Deere F441R BalerJohn Deere F441R Baler £23,950 ex VAT2018KeighleySN: 71114823Amazone ZA-M Profis Hydro Fertiliser SpreaderAmazone ZA-M Profis Hydro Fertiliser Spreader £6,250 ex VAT2013MaltonSN: C1117089John Deere L1534 Large Square BalerJohn Deere L1534 Large Square Baler £68,000 ex VAT2015RiponSN: D1114992John Deere T660 Hill Master CombineJohn Deere T660 Hill Master Combine £100,000 ex VAT2012StocktonSN: A1117020John Deere 7310RJohn Deere 7310R £95,000 ex VAT2016RetfordSN: E1112750Kuhn FC 303 GL Mower ConditionerKuhn FC 303 GL Mower Conditioner £8,250 ex VAT2012KeighleySN: 71113227Kuhn Axis 40.1W Fertiliser SpreaderKuhn Axis 40.1W Fertiliser Spreader £7,500 ex VATRiponSN: 11115392John Deere T670 Level Land CombineJohn Deere T670 Level Land Combine £95,000 ex VAT2011RiponSN: A1108548Tomlin 1.65m Snow BladeTomlin 1.65m Snow Blade Price on Application2011RiponSN: 11058445Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser SpreaderKuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader £2,950 ex VAT2007StocktonSN: A1112251John Deere 8500 Forage HarvesterJohn Deere 8500 Forage Harvester £135,000 ex VAT2015RiponSN: 71113278Hi Spec V16 Diet FeederHi Spec V16 Diet Feeder £11,950 ex VAT2015RiponSN: F1112143TFM TF604B TrailerTFM TF604B Trailer £1,500 ex VATRiponSN: 11108620Continental Row Crop WheelsContinental Row Crop Wheels £1,650 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31095528Kuhn SW1604 Bale WrapperKuhn SW1604 Bale Wrapper £8,950 ex VATRiponSN: 11112082Row Crop WheelsRow Crop Wheels £3,950 ex VATMaltonSN: 21109854Knight Lazer Trailed SprayerKnight Lazer Trailed Sprayer £10,000 ex VAT2008Market WeightonSN: B1099956Goodyear Row Crop Tyres/WheelsGoodyear Row Crop Tyres/Wheels £4,950 ex VATRetfordSN: 21070541