Dowdeswell DP7 PloughDowdeswell DP7 Plough £1,350 ex VATTadcasterSN: 21076441John Deere T550 Level Land CombineJohn Deere T550 Level Land Combine Price on Application2008RiponSN: 11098047Ifor Williams GX84 Plant TrailerIfor Williams GX84 Plant Trailer Price on ApplicationKeighleySN: 71100619John Deere T560 Level Land CombineJohn Deere T560 Level Land Combine £120,000 ex VAT2015RiponSN: 11098587John Deere 1350 Mower ConditionerJohn Deere 1350 Mower Conditioner Price on Application1996KeighleySN: 71098243Slurry Kat DODA H35 Slurry PumpSlurry Kat DODA H35 Slurry Pump Price on ApplicationKeighleySN: 71098454John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator Price on Application2016KeighleySN: 71098837John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator Price on Application2016KeighleySN: 71100360Bailey 15T Beavertail LowloaderBailey 15T Beavertail Lowloader £9,250 ex VAT2015DarringtonSN: 51094059Ifor Williams TA510 TrailerIfor Williams TA510 Trailer £2,350 ex VAT2009BriggSN: E1099639John Deere 6105RJohn Deere 6105R £38,750 ex VAT2012BriggSN: E1099324Amazone 5M Catros RollerAmazone 5M Catros Roller £13,500 ex VAT2014OttringhamSN: 31097555Marshall MS60 SpreaderMarshall MS60 Spreader £1,950 ex VAT2006KeighleySN: 71098808John Deere 6210RJohn Deere 6210R £56,000 ex VAT2014BriggSN: E1099328Simba 5m 500 FlatlinerSimba 5m 500 Flatliner £5,500 ex VATTadcasterSN: IM-07-04-19Simba 3M XpressSimba 3M Xpress £7,500 ex VATTadcasterSN: IM-09-04-19Marshall MS75 SpreaderMarshall MS75 Spreader £2,200 ex VAT2010KeighleySN: 71100231Triffitt 12T TrailerTriffitt 12T Trailer £6,000 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: B1100192Manitou MLT 523 TurboManitou MLT 523 Turbo £17,950 ex VAT2008StocktonSN: A1098439Rhino 9ft TopperRhino 9ft Topper £850 ex VATOttringhamSN: JC-05-04-19Alpego Trilat TL33-20 MowerAlpego Trilat TL33-20 Mower £4,950 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31100525John Deere T660 Level Land CombineJohn Deere T660 Level Land Combine Price on Application2014RetfordSN: D1099338John Deere 6115RJohn Deere 6115R £45,000 ex VAT2013OttringhamSN: 31098814John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £10,500 ex VAT2016RiponSN: 11098530Schaffer 6390T Telescopic Wheeled LoaderSchaffer 6390T Telescopic Wheeled Loader £27,950 ex VAT2011PickeringSN: 91098968Ifor Williams GX105HD Plant TrailerIfor Williams GX105HD Plant Trailer £1,500 ex VAT2015PickeringSN: 91100078Simba Solo 300 CultivatorSimba Solo 300 Cultivator £5,000 ex VATOttringhamSN: NB-04-04-19SOBOPottinger Novacat 305H MoCoPottinger Novacat 305H MoCo £6,250 ex VAT2013KeighleySN: BS-04-04-19McConnel Discaerator 3000McConnel Discaerator 3000 £5,250 ex VATRetfordSN: D1100129Scaling 15ft TrailerScaling 15ft Trailer £1,000 ex VATTadcasterSN: NB-06-04-19SOBOFyson 28ft ElevatorFyson 28ft Elevator £1,200 ex VATTadcasterSN: NF-04-04-19John Deere 6130RJohn Deere 6130R £48,750 ex VAT2016StocktonSN: A1097545John Deere 7530John Deere 7530 £47,500 ex VAT2009StocktonSN: A1097575Claas 7055 TelehandlerClaas 7055 Telehandler £49,750 ex VAT2016DarringtonSN: DO-02-04-19Naud 5 Furrow PloughNaud 5 Furrow Plough £1,500 ex VAT1998DarringtonSN: DO-01-04-19John Deere 6150RJohn Deere 6150R £55,000 ex VAT2015KeighleySN: 71097730Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader £2,450 ex VAT2007OttringhamSN: 31099307John Deere 5055EJohn Deere 5055E £22,750 ex VAT2014KeighleySN: 71097646Ifor Williams TA510 TrailerIfor Williams TA510 Trailer £4,200 ex VAT2017KeighleySN: RS-25-03-19Amazone 3M CombinationAmazone 3M Combination £19,500 ex VAT2018RiponSN: SP-24-03-19Bailey TAG 11T TrailerBailey TAG 11T Trailer Price on Application2014RiponSN: SP-23-03-19John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator Price on Application2016RiponSN: 11098653Simba 6.2m Folding RollersSimba 6.2m Folding Rollers £2,750 ex VATDarringtonSN: 51096530Reco Ferri 3m TopperReco Ferri 3m Topper Price on ApplicationDarringtonSN: DO-20-03-19Simba 4.6m Folding RollerSimba 4.6m Folding Roller £4,950 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31097790Kuhn Axis 40.1W Fertiliser SpreaderKuhn Axis 40.1W Fertiliser Spreader £3,950 ex VAT2009OttringhamSN: 31099558John Deere 6215R PremiumJohn Deere 6215R Premium £78,750 ex VAT2015TadcasterSN: 11098667New Holland T7.245New Holland T7.245 £53,500 ex VAT2016TadcasterSN: 51098608Kuhn Integra 3003 Seed DrillKuhn Integra 3003 Seed Drill £3,950 ex VAT2011TadcasterSN: IM-19-03-19Massey Ferguson 185 BalerMassey Ferguson 185 Baler £16,500 ex VAT2004DarringtonSN: DO-16-03-19Massey Ferguson 2190 BalerMassey Ferguson 2190 Baler £40,000 ex VAT2009StocktonSN: DO-15-03-19Ifor Williams GX105 Plant TrailerIfor Williams GX105 Plant Trailer £1,795 ex VATKeighleySN: 71097556Ifor Williams GX126 TrailerIfor Williams GX126 Trailer £1,795 ex VATKeighleySN: 71098236John Deere XUV855D GatorJohn Deere XUV855D Gator £10,000 ex VAT2016PickeringSN: 91096920Ifor Williams TA510 TrailerIfor Williams TA510 Trailer £2,950 ex VATPickeringSN: 91098373Ifor Williams GX126 TrailerIfor Williams GX126 Trailer £1,650 ex VATPickeringSN: 91095257Bailey 11T TrailerBailey 11T Trailer Price on ApplicationDarringtonSN: DO-13-03-19Fransgard RV390 HaybobFransgard RV390 Haybob £1,495 ex VAT2003DarringtonSN: 51099704Bailey TB10 TrailerBailey TB10 Trailer £4,500 ex VAT1998DarringtonSN: 51099015John Deere 6175RJohn Deere 6175R Price on Application2016DarringtonSN: 51094169John Deere 6330 PremiumJohn Deere 6330 Premium £28,950 ex VAT2007DarringtonSN: 51098805Reco Sulky DPX Fertiliser SpreaderReco Sulky DPX Fertiliser Spreader £1,450 ex VAT2000DarringtonSN: DO-10-03-19Ifor Williams DP120T TrailerIfor Williams DP120T Trailer £3,350 ex VATKeighleySN: 71098240Dalbo 6.3M Maxi RollerDalbo 6.3M Maxi Roller £7,350 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 71098482John Deere 328 Mounted Mo/CoJohn Deere 328 Mounted Mo/Co £2,600 ex VATKeighleySN: 71098976Ifor Williams LM187 Flat TrailerIfor Williams LM187 Flat Trailer £2,600 ex VAT2016OttringhamSN: 31098938Marshall MS60 SpreaderMarshall MS60 Spreader £600 ex VATKeighleySN: 71098381Heron 12T TrailerHeron 12T Trailer £5,250 ex VAT2004StocktonSN: A1098607Easterby 18T TrailerEasterby 18T Trailer £15,500 ex VAT2014OttringhamSN: JC-02-03-19Easterby 16T TrailerEasterby 16T Trailer £12,500 ex VAT2009OttringhamSN: JC-01-03-19Kuhn GA4321 Single Rotor RakeKuhn GA4321 Single Rotor Rake £3,950 ex VAT2014OttringhamSN: 31098542BVL 20-2S V-Mix Twin Vertical Auger Mixer FeederBVL 20-2S V-Mix Twin Vertical Auger Mixer Feeder £17,950 ex VAT2012RiponSN: 11090087Kuhn BPR 280 Flail TopperKuhn BPR 280 Flail Topper Price on Application2016KeighleySN: 7109816425ft Bale Trailer25ft Bale Trailer £5,250 ex VATDarringtonSN: MH-18-02-19John Deere 6150RJohn Deere 6150R £55,000 ex VAT2014OttringhamSN: 31094601Merlo TF42-7 Turbo Farmer TelehandlerMerlo TF42-7 Turbo Farmer Telehandler £47,500 ex VAT2017StocktonSN: A1097988Väderstad 420 Carrier CultivatorVäderstad 420 Carrier Cultivator £15,750 ex VAT2009StocktonSN: A1098531Spalding 3 Leg SubsoilerSpalding 3 Leg Subsoiler £2,750 ex VAT2007StocktonSN: A1097559Shelbourne SG200 SheargrabShelbourne SG200 Sheargrab £500 ex VAT2009KeighleySN: 71096534John Deere 855D GatorJohn Deere 855D Gator £10,500 ex VAT2015StocktonSN: A1096962Graham Edwards GET126 TrailerGraham Edwards GET126 Trailer £2,850 ex VAT2013DarringtonSN: JC-18-02-19 Kuhn MDS 1131 Fertiliser Spreader Kuhn MDS 1131 Fertiliser Spreader £1,395 ex VATTadcasterSN: IM-20-02-19AG 175 Sawdust DispenserAG 175 Sawdust Dispenser £1,650 ex VATKeighleySN: 71098510Billy Goat MV650SPH Garden VacuumBilly Goat MV650SPH Garden Vacuum £800 ex VAT2007TadcasterSN: 21097763John Deere 732 Trailed SprayerJohn Deere 732 Trailed Sprayer £17,900 ex VAT2012OttringhamSN: 31096079Kuhn Agrilonger T4834 Hedge CutterKuhn Agrilonger T4834 Hedge Cutter £4,950 ex VAT2006PickeringSN: 31097972PZ 300 HaybobPZ 300 Haybob £1,450 ex VATTadcasterSN: NF-13-02-19Kuhn Agrilonger T4834 Hedge CutterKuhn Agrilonger T4834 Hedge Cutter £4,950 ex VAT2005PickeringSN: 91097940KRM M2 Fertiliser SpreaderKRM M2 Fertiliser Spreader £2,750 ex VAT2003DarringtonSN: 51098502Kverneland Exacta-TL Fertiliser SpreaderKverneland Exacta-TL Fertiliser Spreader £3,500 ex VAT2013DarringtonSN: 51098684Wooton 10T TrailerWooton 10T Trailer £3,750 ex VAT1993DarringtonSN: DO-09-02-19Kverneland Exacta-HL Fertiliser SpreaderKverneland Exacta-HL Fertiliser Spreader £3,000 ex VAT2012DarringtonSN: 51096702John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £8,900 ex VAT2013OttringhamSN: JC-05-02-19John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £10,750 ex VAT2013KeighleySN: 71098234John Deere XUV855 GatorJohn Deere XUV855 Gator £11,000 ex VATKeighleySN: 71098364West 1300 Dual SpreaderWest 1300 Dual Spreader £6,750 ex VAT2012KeighleySN: 71098084Amazone UG3000 SprayerAmazone UG3000 Sprayer £19,750 ex VAT2010StocktonSN: A1098086John Deere 6155MJohn Deere 6155M Price on Application2016RiponSN: 11097992John Deere 6210R John Deere 6210R Price on Application2012TadcasterSN: 11081843John Deere 6190R John Deere 6190R Price on Application2014RiponSN: 51091675Case 115 MXU Case 115 MXU £19,750 ex VAT2004TadcasterSN: 21098026New Holland T7.290 HDNew Holland T7.290 HD £106,000 ex VAT2018DarringtonSN: 51097799Case 185 PumaCase 185 Puma £85,000 ex VAT2018DarringtonSN: 51098923John Deere 8500 SPFHSpecial OfferJohn Deere 8500 SPFH Price on ApplicationRiponSN: 11096752John Deere 6630John Deere 6630 £27,000 ex VAT2011KeighleySN: 71098148Claas 3100C Disco MowerClaas 3100C Disco Mower £8,900 ex VAT2014KeighleySN: SMP-08-01-19John Deere 6150RJohn Deere 6150R Price on Application2014KeighleySN: 51091422John Deere 6215R PremiumJohn Deere 6215R Premium £88,500 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 11097019John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £9,750 ex VAT2013KeighleySN: 71088566John Deere X748 Ride On MowerJohn Deere X748 Ride On Mower Price on ApplicationKeighleySN: 11060194John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £11,000 ex VAT2014KeighleySN: 71094429Ifor Williams DP120 TrailerIfor Williams DP120 Trailer £2,950 ex VATKeighleySN: 71096604Ifor Williams TA510 TrailerIfor Williams TA510 Trailer £3,975 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 71097029BVL 20.2S V MixBVL 20.2S V Mix £8,500 ex VAT2008KeighleySN: 11092291John Deere X758 MowerJohn Deere X758 Mower £9,950 ex VATKeighleySN: 71097970Kuhn Primor Straw ChopperKuhn Primor Straw Chopper £5,000 ex VAT2006KeighleySN: RS-02-01-19SOBOKuhn MM122 Multi Master Kuhn MM122 Multi Master £8,900 ex VAT2012StocktonSN: A1097761Marshall HD 12T TrailerMarshall HD 12T Trailer Price on Application2017DarringtonSN: DO-21-12-18Teagle Tomahawk 8100 BedderTeagle Tomahawk 8100 Bedder £6,750 ex VAT2013DarringtonSN: 51096082Hayter Trailed Gang MowerHayter Trailed Gang Mower £4,500 ex VAT2009DarringtonSN: 51097797Claas DominatorClaas Dominator £14,500 ex VAT1986DarringtonSN: 51098503McHale 1.5M Shear GrabMcHale 1.5M Shear Grab £500 ex VATDarringtonSN: 51090913Slewtic 7ft6 BucketSlewtic 7ft6 Bucket £1,150 ex VAT2014DarringtonSN: 51078822Teagle 404M Straw ChopperTeagle 404M Straw Chopper £4,200 ex VAT2010KeighleySN: 71097905John Deere 6930John Deere 6930 £30,750 ex VAT2007StocktonSN: A1096555John Deere 6430John Deere 6430 £35,750 ex VAT2012KeighleySN: 71097096John Deere 592 Hi Flow Baler John Deere 592 Hi Flow Baler £6,750 ex VAT2003DarringtonSN: 51097979Amazone AD-P 303 Special Combination Amazone AD-P 303 Special Combination £14,000 ex VAT2003StocktonSN: AW-06-11-18SOBODual WheelsDual Wheels £500 ex VATDarringtonSN: DO-25-10-18SOBOJohn Deere 6195RJohn Deere 6195R £79,000 ex VAT2015StocktonSN: A1096054Quickie Quadgrip Bale HandlerQuickie Quadgrip Bale Handler £1,250 ex VATDarringtonSN: DO-20-10-18SOBOAmazone 4M CombinationAmazone 4M Combination £12,500 ex VAT2005DarringtonSN: 51093517Claas 620CClaas 620C £23,500 ex VAT2009DarringtonSN: 51095842John Deere 6115RJohn Deere 6115R £54,950 ex VAT2014DarringtonSN: 51096757John Deere Europro 1438GS Ride On MowerJohn Deere Europro 1438GS Ride On Mower £900 ex VATRiponSN: 11095428John Deere 6175RJohn Deere 6175R £65,000 ex VAT2015OttringhamSN: 31096313Mountfield S1400 Ride On MowerMountfield S1400 Ride On Mower £1,500 ex VATRiponSN: 11096329Mountfield 1636H Ride On MowerMountfield 1636H Ride On Mower £1,700 ex VAT2017RiponSN: 11095465Väderstad Carrier 425Väderstad Carrier 425 £9,950 ex VATDarringtonSN: MH-08-10-18SOBOJohn Deere 6210RJohn Deere 6210R £77,000 ex VAT2015KeighleySN: 71096379Kuhn VKM 305 Flail MowerKuhn VKM 305 Flail Mower £4,250 ex VAT2011StocktonSN: A1095326Kverneland 3232MN Mower ConditionerKverneland 3232MN Mower Conditioner £8,500 ex VAT2017StocktonSN: A1095650John Deere 6115RJohn Deere 6115R £45,000 ex VAT2013RiponSN: 11094028Honda HF2417 Ride On MowerHonda HF2417 Ride On Mower £2,150 ex VAT2013RiponSN: 11092744Amazone 4M CombinationAmazone 4M Combination £17,750 ex VAT2011StocktonSN: A109559223ft Curtain Sided Trailer23ft Curtain Sided Trailer £4,250 ex VATOttringhamSN: JC-03-10-18Lely 320MC Mower ConditionerLely 320MC Mower Conditioner £3,950 ex VAT2010DarringtonSN: 51095614John Deere X534 Ride On MowerJohn Deere X534 Ride On Mower £4,000 ex VAT2012RiponSN: 11096394Claas 7035 TelehandlerClaas 7035 Telehandler £51,750 ex VAT2016StocktonSN: A1096328Kuhn HR4002 CombinationKuhn HR4002 Combination £7,500 ex VAT1998DarringtonSN: 51091116Ifor Williams LM126 TrailerIfor Williams LM126 Trailer £1,400 ex VATDarringtonSN: DO-13-09-18Full set of weightsFull set of weights £500 ex VATTadcasterSN: 21072502Kuhn HR6004DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6004DR Power Harrow £11,750 ex VAT2009TadcasterSN: 21094343Goodyear Row Crop Tyres/WheelsGoodyear Row Crop Tyres/Wheels £7,500 ex VATTadcasterSN: 21070541Bomford Scimitar 2.8m TopperBomford Scimitar 2.8m Topper £1,550 ex VAT2001TadcasterSN: 21095634Arctic Cat 700Arctic Cat 700 £4,650 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 71093601Bunning 105 MK4 Lowlander SpreaderBunning 105 MK4 Lowlander Spreader £13,950 ex VAT2009StocktonSN: A1094334Bomford Falcon 5.5m Hedge CutterBomford Falcon 5.5m Hedge Cutter £5,500 ex VAT2004DarringtonSN: DO-30-08-18Väderstad Rapid 300S XL DrillVäderstad Rapid 300S XL Drill £18,000 ex VAT2009StocktonSN: A1096123Hayflake 3T TrailerHayflake 3T Trailer £990 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31097080PZ 300 HaybobPZ 300 Haybob £950 ex VATOttringhamSN: JC-29-08-18John Deere 1365 Mower ConditionerJohn Deere 1365 Mower Conditioner £5,250 ex VAT2000StocktonSN: A1095655John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £6,500 ex VAT2011KeighleySN: 71094357John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £9,950 ex VAT2013KeighleySN: 71094259John Deere F440R BalerJohn Deere F440R Baler £18,000 ex VAT2015KeighleySN: 71093873Kramer 5095 Wheeled LoaderKramer 5095 Wheeled Loader £34,500 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 71094111Russell ElevatorRussell Elevator Price on ApplicationKeighleySN: RS-21-07-18SOBOJohn Deere 6630 PremiumJohn Deere 6630 Premium £38,500 ex VAT2008StocktonSN: A1095259Gregoire Besson 7 Furrow PloughGregoire Besson 7 Furrow Plough £13,500 ex VAT2013StocktonSN: A1092790Master 10T Grain DrierMaster 10T Grain Drier £8,500 ex VATRiponSN: 71095451Amazone 3M CombinationAmazone 3M Combination Price on ApplicationDarringtonSN: 51090935Continental Tyres & WheelsContinental Tyres & Wheels £2,250 ex VATOttringhamSN: JC-12-06-18Farm Force FDM3000 CultivatorFarm Force FDM3000 Cultivator Price on ApplicationDarringtonSN: DO-11-06-18Kverneland 2.6M TA326 Mower ConditionerKverneland 2.6M TA326 Mower Conditioner £2,000 ex VAT1996DarringtonSN: 51087572John Deere T670 Level Land CombineJohn Deere T670 Level Land Combine £90,000 ex VAT2009DarringtonSN: 51092379McConnel 4M VaritilthMcConnel 4M Varitilth £3,750 ex VATStocktonSN: AW-16-05-18SOBORabe 3M PKE Power HarrowRabe 3M PKE Power Harrow £4,750 ex VATStocktonSN: AW-16-05-18Kverneland Accord 4M TS Seed DrillKverneland Accord 4M TS Seed Drill £8,000 ex VATRiponSN: SP-11-05-18Dalbo 4M Levelflex Front PressDalbo 4M Levelflex Front Press £9,500 ex VAT2017RiponSN: SP-10-05-18Mason Engineering 6ft Buck RakeMason Engineering 6ft Buck Rake £695 ex VATRiponSN: SP-09-05-18Ifor Williams TA510 TrailerIfor Williams TA510 Trailer £2,350 ex VAT2007OttringhamSN: 31094078Lemken Europal 8 PloughLemken Europal 8 Plough £9,750 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31094541Cultivating Solutions 6M Rapid LiftCultivating Solutions 6M Rapid Lift Price on ApplicationOttringhamSN: NB-05-04-18SOBOGraham Edwards GET126 TrailerGraham Edwards GET126 Trailer £2,750 ex VAT2013KeighleySN: 71092253Snapper RER100 Snapper RER100 £1,225 ex VATTadcasterSN: NF-19-03-18Underhaug De-Stoner New GenerationUnderhaug De-Stoner New Generation £7,250 ex VAT2004TadcasterSN: IM-16-02-18John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £11,250 ex VAT2014StocktonSN: A1092230Honda HF2315 MowerHonda HF2315 Mower £1,700 ex VATRiponSN: 11091344Kubota G26-2 Garden TractorKubota G26-2 Garden Tractor £11,000 ex VAT2014RiponSN: 71091811Vigalo 4M Power HarrowVigalo 4M Power Harrow £3,750 ex VATRiponSN: SP-19-10-17SOBOHonda TRX 500FMSHonda TRX 500FMS £5,350 ex VAT2015StocktonSN: A1090731Simba 5.5m Dual PressSimba 5.5m Dual Press £8,950 ex VATTadcasterSN: 21091883John Deere 8345RTJohn Deere 8345RT £95,000 ex VAT2011RiponSN: 11089834Bunning 150 Lowlander SpreaderBunning 150 Lowlander Spreader £12,500 ex VAT2003OttringhamSN: 31091810Marston 10T TrailerMarston 10T Trailer £2,750 ex VATTadcasterSN: IM-25-03-17SOBODieci 26.6 TelehandlerDieci 26.6 Telehandler £22,500 ex VAT2008TadcasterSN: 21084345John Deere 6150RJohn Deere 6150R £54,000 ex VAT2013TadcasterSN: 21083571Kuhn Euromix II 1060Kuhn Euromix II 1060 £4,250 ex VAT2005KeighleySN: 71088425Kuhn Euromix II 1860E MixerKuhn Euromix II 1860E Mixer £9,950 ex VAT2008KeighleySN: 71088662John Deere XUV 850D Green ATVJohn Deere XUV 850D Green ATV £7,500 ex VAT2009RiponSN: 11070424JCB Workmax 1000 ATVJCB Workmax 1000 ATV £9,995 ex VAT2012StocktonSN: 71075059Kongskilde Vibro Compact 3M DrillKongskilde Vibro Compact 3M Drill £8,750 ex VAT2010StocktonSN: A1072930Hardi Commander SprayerHardi Commander Sprayer £10,500 ex VAT1997StocktonSN: A1106171Kverneland Exacta-TL Fertiliser SpreaderKverneland Exacta-TL Fertiliser Spreader £3,950 ex VAT2012DarringtonSN: 51089561