• Stock Number Kuhn MERGE MAXX 950
  • Location Ripon
  • Manufacturer Kuhn
  • Model MERGE MAXX 950

Price on Application

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The MM 950 was specially developed for contractors, and very big farm producers or alfalfa drying industrials.With the MM 950, it is possible to work at very different headlands with the guarantee of high work output and high quality forage harvesting.

Nothing is more effective than having homogenous, regular windrows. The specific designs of the pick-up and windguard-with-roller produce regular forage pick-up and transfer to the conveyor belt ; prerequisites to perfect windrow formation. Chopper and baler drivers will appreciate it. A regular, homogenous windrow prevents jolting during harvesting and can increase working speeds by up to 2 to 3 km/h.
For alfalfa harvesting, gentle pick-up means that leaves remain on their stems. Protein content and nutritional value in the forage is thereby preserved. The same applies for harvesting cover crops at the end of autumn : forage is lifted, uncontaminated by wet, sticky soil.

With the MM 950, you no longer have to choose between a central or side-delivery rake. This rake is capable of adapting to all types of customer, to forage volumes and to harvesting methods thanks to its many delivery possibilities :

• Central delivery with variable width,
• Side delivery with a view to grouping different working widths together,
• Central and side delivery simultaneously for very high forage volumes and to suit harvesting methods.

It is practical for contractors who provide services to different customers, because the configuration of the machine can be modified easily with the hydraulic control valves. The chore of fitting the belt is over, and work output is improved.

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