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Edlington 6.3m Cambridge RollsEdlington 6.3m Cambridge Rolls £3,250 ex VATBriggSN: E1119169Howard 5 Leg SubsoilerHoward 5 Leg Subsoiler £3,575 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31118960Kverneland 4 Furrow PloughKverneland 4 Furrow Plough £1,475 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31120672Lemken Europal 8 PloughLemken Europal 8 Plough Price on ApplicationLouthSN: F1118058Sulky HR Polyculture Power HarrowSulky HR Polyculture Power Harrow £7,250 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: B1120491Sumo 2.5M TrioSumo 2.5M Trio £8,750 ex VAT2008TadcasterSN: 21120766Sumo 3.5m TrioSumo 3.5m Trio £8,750 ex VAT2014StocktonSN: A1117933Sumo 3m TrioSumo 3m Trio £16,850 ex VAT2020StocktonSN: A1117631Twose 6.2m RollersTwose 6.2m Rollers £2,650 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: MP-14-10-21Agriweld 3.5m CultivatorAgriweld 3.5m Cultivator £5,950 ex VATRiponSN: 11120423Kuhn MM153 PloughKuhn MM153 Plough £10,500 ex VATStocktonSN: A1117629Dalbo 3M Maxi RollDalbo 3M Maxi Roll £8,950 ex VATRiponSN: 11117511Kverneland 6.2m RollersKverneland 6.2m Rollers £4,500 ex VAT2007RiponSN: 11118547Kuhn HR3503 Power HarrowKuhn HR3503 Power Harrow £3,950 ex VATStocktonSN: A1120194Kuhn HR4004D Power HarrowKuhn HR4004D Power Harrow £4,950 ex VAT2009StocktonSN: A1119094Kuhn HR6002DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6002DR Power Harrow £5,500 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: B1119224Kuhn HR6003DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6003DR Power Harrow £10,750 ex VATRiponSN: 21113160Kuhn HR6004DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6004DR Power Harrow £17,500 ex VAT2016RiponSN: F1115037Kuhn HR6004DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6004DR Power Harrow £14,500 ex VAT2015StocktonSN: A1118870Kuhn HR6040R Power HarrowKuhn HR6040R Power Harrow £32,000 ex VAT2020StocktonSN: AW-23-08-21SOBOKverneland NGS601 Power HarrowKverneland NGS601 Power Harrow £8,750 ex VATDarringtonSN: 51112247Kverneland NGS601 Power HarrowKverneland NGS601 Power Harrow £7,250 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: 51117721Kuhn MM153 PloughKuhn MM153 Plough £9,950 ex VAT2013RiponSN: 51115636Flexi Coil 5 Leg SubsoilerFlexi Coil 5 Leg Subsoiler £4,250 ex VATTadcasterSN: 21118680Keeble Bros 5 Leg SubsoilerKeeble Bros 5 Leg Subsoiler £4,500 ex VAT2005RetfordSN: D1117206Kongskilde 3000 Front TerradiscKongskilde 3000 Front Terradisc £6,500 ex VAT2019RiponSN: A1119521Kongskilde 3M Front TerradiscKongskilde 3M Front Terradisc £4,950 ex VAT2008DarringtonSN: 51117410Kuhn EL 82-155 Power TillerKuhn EL 82-155 Power Tiller £4,950 ex VAT2019RiponSN: 11117509Terra Tech 3m Multi CultTerra Tech 3m Multi Cult £7,950 ex VAT2013DarringtonSN: 51115463Great Plains 5.5M UniPressGreat Plains 5.5M UniPress £18,500 ex VAT2013Market WeightonSN: B1119223Dalbo Levelflex 400 Front PressDalbo Levelflex 400 Front Press £9,950 ex VAT2017RiponSN: 11106740Farm Force F2300DS Double PressFarm Force F2300DS Double Press £2,250 ex VATDarringtonSN: 51119438
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