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Mazzotti MAF 4080HP

  • ManufacturerMazzotti
  • ModelMAF 4080HP
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Key details

The MAF elevates the self-propelled sprayer segment to new levels of power, performance, comfort and safety.

Ready and nimble, specially designed to be a light, fast and manoeuvrable self-propelled gun.

A range that expands to offer a specific product among the premium range compact self-propelled vehicles.

The various drives available identify the different crops and conditions in which the machine can operate; cereals, horticultural crops and even rice, in hills as in difficult muddy terrain.

The MAF 4080HP is equipped with John Deere PowerTech PSS 4 cylinder, 4.5L, 129 Kw (175 HP), Stage V DEF engines. Also available in Stage IIIA version. 

The engine is housed in a silenced pack that can be opened completely and is accessible for maintenance from the platform at the rear of the cab. The MAF features separate cooling circuits for engine, hydraulic oil and air conditioning, for perfect efficiency. The diesel engine can power three different types of transmissions according to the customer's needs. 

The new John Deere engine 6.8L, 6 cylinders, 168 kW (225hp) Tier 5 DEF is also available as an option on the MAF 4080HP 

The new John Deere derivation cab with interiors developed by Mazzotti to make it even more comfortable on long working days and safe as a pressurized level 4 cab. An intuitive workstation, soundproofed and with great visibility. 

The 4-wheel steering system is essential for reducing access times to the field and not damaging the crops. The rear wheels always follow the front ones, leaving only one track on the ground (A) and offering a particularly limited turning radius of 5950 mm (B). The MAF allows for 3 steering combinations, two wheel steer, four wheel steer and crab steer. Pedal to activate / deactivate the 4 wheels during work operations. 

The safety of driving only with two steering wheels on the road, with the exclusive Mazzotti axle lock, is a key safety when driving at 40 km/h. 

The MAF4080HP is fitted as standard with the Mazzotti/Sauer automatic steering system on the 4 S-2C wheels, SIL 3 no stop safety level, with redundant angle sensors on the steering cylinders, 2 pumps and 2 independent oil lines. Automatic rear axle realignment. Auxiliary manual release system. 

MAF is equipped as standard with axles with simplified hydraulic track adjustment which hydraulically moves each individual wheel; a practical hydraulic jack is included in the equipment. This system is intended for occasional lane changes. The complete lane change operation can be done in less than 45 minutes. An automatic track activated directly from the cab is available as an option, which changes the track from wide to narrow and vice versa in seconds. With the automatic roadway, intermediate roadways are also possible using brackets. Both versions are available with 1000 mm or 1300 mm ground clearance. 

The MAF 4080 is equipped with a new main tank in polyethylene with a maximum capacity of 4200 liters. 

The placement of the tank and the components has been carefully studied in the design phase to achieve an optimal weight distribution of 50% on each axle, with full tank and open boom. 

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Mazzotti MAF 4080HP
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Mazzotti MAF 4080HP



MAF 4080HP

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