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Sumo Deep Tillage Seeder

  • ManufacturerSumo
  • ModelDeep Tillage Seeder
  • Year2023
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Bridge the gap to true conservation agriculture and zero-till with Sumo DTS strip-till technology. There are many advantages to strip-tillage; it is quick and large areas can be drilled in one pass, resulting in improvements in soil structure, drainage, soil aggregation and erosion.

Farming in this way is proven to lower input costs, create a soil environment well-suited to strong yields, and protects the environment from carbon loss. Targeted tillage leaves the vast majority of the soil between rows undisturbed, helping worm populations flourish with a rise in organic soil matter, both of which increase the fertility of the soil environment. Moisture is also locked into these areas and is ready for young crops to use. Strip-tilling straight into stubble will reduce the need for deeper cultivations over time because as the soil structure improves, natural drainage, organic soil matter levels, weight carrying capacity and soil fertility improve, too. The DTS strip-till coulter offers multiple operations with seedbed preparation, drilling & fertilising, and reconsolidation – all in one pass. The completely unique DTS coulters are governed by a constant flow-pressured hydraulic system, and are independently mounted, resulting in excellent contour following and incredibly consistent seed placement. In this system crop residues play an important role as it provides cover for the soil at a critical time of the year. The cover prevents soil erosion and helps reduce water evaporation in warmer periods. It also improves the soil tilth and adds organic matter to soil as it decomposes, providing a valuable food source to earthworms and soil microbes, all of which are valuable to soil health and structure. The DTS is just as at home establishing, and drilling into, green cover. Green cover needs to be managed in a similar way to stubble in keeping the root structure undisrupted and trash evenly distributed. The DTS is a uniquely versatile drill capable of direct drilling, min-till drilling and conventional plough-based drilling. Designed and manufactured in Britain, the DTS features our own Orga metering unit capable of dispensing a wide range of seeds and fertilisers with varying rates.

ZONE 1 – DISC & TINE: A 18” straight serrated leading disc initiates a rip line for the following tine, ensuring a clean entry, substantially reducing surface disturbance and stopping the germination of unwanted grassweeds. The disc also cuts trash and allows previous crop residues to pass through the machine adding more organic matter to the undisturbed areas of soil. This method reduces the reliance on chemical treatments that are leached into watercourses. By removing competition, young crops can establish more vigorously. The tine produces incredibly targeted tillage to a single strip and provides just enough soil movement to create the perfect conditions for seed placement. Depth can be adjusted down to 250mm for deep-rooting crops, leaving a seeding zone with a good tilth and a rooting zone free from compaction, with good drainage and aeration.

ZONE 2 – SEED COULTER & FERTILISER: Low draft, single or double row seeding boots place seed in perfect contact with newly tilled soil. They boast wear resistant tungsten for good soil penetration and a shallow wing angle for low draft pulling. DTS owners have the option to add many different fertil- iser options on Grain & Fertiliser models.

COVERING DISCS & CONSOLIDATION: Covering discs channel loosened soil over the seed before independent, air-filled press wheels perform unparalleled reconsolidation for perfect seed to soil contact by firming the soil around the seed and eliminating any potential air pockets.

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Sumo Deep Tillage Seeder
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Sumo Deep Tillage Seeder



Deep Tillage Seeder



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