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Kuhn BV 10

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BV series 10 shredders with a working width of 0.96 to 1.53 m are perfectly suited to wine structures and equipment. They have been specially designed for vines of small widths. In vineyards, there are many areas of use and agronomic advantages of shredders. Shredding between rows is the key to accelerating the decomposition and transformation into humus of organic matter, but also helps to fight the spread of certain parasites, diseases and weeds. Thus, shredding preserves the health of plantations by increasing the contact area between organic matter and microorganisms: pests have neither the time nor the place to grow in the prunings. The resulting humus transformation results in increasing nutrients available to feed crops and fertilize soils, improved soil structure and stability, as well as stimulating biological activity. Shredding helps to control the spread of weeds by avoiding their dispersal when made before seeding, making it possible to reduce the use of herbicides. It also effectively limits water evaporation and protects the surface of the soil from solar radiation by optimizing its coverage with the shredded material. As a result, water resources are preserved and remain available for planting during drier periods. Finally, prunings can be an economical and ecological energy resource if harvested from the start when shredded, to be used as heating fuel and as a renewable energy source. A real alternative to fuel or electricity, the use of this resource contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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Kuhn BV 10
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BV 10

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