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Sumo Mixidisc 3

  • ManufacturerSumo
  • ModelMixidisc 3
  • Year2023
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Key details

Heavy duty shallow disc cultivator that stays in work while travelling at high speeds – perfect for tilling and levelling in primary and secondary cultivations. The Mixidisc / S only disturbs the top 100mm of soil, allowing the lower soil structure to stay intact. Farming in this way is proven to lower input costs, create a soil environment well-suited to strong yields, and protects the environment from carbon loss. Discs are mounted on independently suspended arms with shock-proof rubbers for extra durability. The disc formation creates a vigorous snake-like churn resulting in intensive mixing while tackling high-trash environments at speed. Sealed-for-life bearing offer less maintenance and less downtime. The Mixidisc / S is the ideal solution to create a shallow growing environment and the creation of a stale seedbed. This machine is also just as at home levelling down ploughing.

  • Maintenance-free bearings
  • Parallel drawbar for trailed machines
  • Hydraulically adjustable levelling paddles for trailed machines
  • Choice of packers to suit various soil conditions
  • Accurate ground contour following

DISCS: A double row of concave, single-drive discs, set at 270mm spacings alleviate surface compaction and capping while chopping any trash, and increasing organic soil matter meaning less need for repeated herbicide applications. This process encourages soil aggregation, which is where soil molecules clump together resulting in better water holding capacity leading to increased nutrient retention. Discs can also work in any manure or slurry which has been spread to reduce runoff and leaching as specified in NVZ guidance.

HYDRAULIC LEVELLING PADDLES: A row of hydraulically adjustable levelling paddles allows a small amount of soil to be carried with the machine. These enable the machine to fill in and level furrows to create a seedbed. The paddles can be lifted out of work completely to allow trash to flow through when working on stubbles. (Only available on trailed models).

PACKER ROLLER: The patented Multipacka shoulders create a trough in which surface water can move into and also help drive the packer eliminating smears on the soil surface. The design increases soil’s resistance to wind and water erosion as the finish reduces the amount of soil particles that are carried away by the wind. It was specifically developed to reduce soil moisture loss and co2 produced in tillage work.

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Sumo Mixidisc 3
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Sumo Mixidisc 3



Mixidisc 3



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