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Sumo Low Disturbance Subsoiler

  • Stock nosLDS3MAR
  • ManufacturerSumo
  • ModelLow Disturbance Subsoiler
  • Year2023
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Key details

Move towards a zero-till crop establishment system using the UK’s first Low Disturbance Subsoiler. This machine alleviates subsurface compaction with minimal surface disturbance, significantly reducing grassweed germination. Farming in this way is proven to lower input costs, create a soil environment well-suited to strong yields, and protects the environment from carbon loss.

The LDS Low Disturbance Subsoiler offers cost savings through labour, fuel, crop inputs and machine wear and tear, and a better bottom line as a result of improved soil structure and improved yields. It can also be used as a one-pass drill with the addition of seeder and SDO Single Disc Opener accessories – ideal for cover cropping and oil seed rape crop establishment due to the zonal strip-till design and 500mm row spacings.

  • Auto-reset as standard
  • Easy disc depth adjustment via the one-bolt system
Choice of packers to suit various soil conditions
  • Parallel drawbar for trailed machines
  • Maintenance-free bearings

FRONT CUTTING DISCS: A 18” straight serrated leading disc initiates a rip line for the following leg, ensuring a clean entry and substantially reducing the germination of grassweeds. This method reduces the reliance on chemical treatments that are leached into watercourses. By removing competition, young crops can establish more vigorously, too.

LOW DISTURBANCE LEGS: Working down to 350mm if needed, low disturbance legs and point offer full width lift and pan shatter with minimal surface disturbance. Lifting the soil lets air flow into the root zone while effective pan shatter offers excellent root development and aids water infiltration, better nitrogen uptake and limits run off, leaving a soil environment that holds its biodiversity.

PACKER ROLLER: At the back of the LDS, our Flat Packer comes as standard. This packer leaves an aerated, consolidated and level finish which will aid surface aeration and surface penetration of water. The fins ensure the packer turns to stop soil smear. This packer closes up the surface after the legs to leave the soil largely undisturbed.

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Sumo Low Disturbance Subsoiler
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Sumo Low Disturbance Subsoiler
Sumo Low Disturbance Subsoiler
Sumo Low Disturbance Subsoiler
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Low Disturbance Subsoiler



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