New Year Show

January 16th & 17th 2019

Now in its 15th year the 2019 Ripon Farm Services January Show will kick start the New Year, showcasing the latest technology available from major Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Suppliers.

New for 2019 is the Technology Zone highlighting our FarmSight offering along with new products from the John Deere AMS portfolio and on Wednesday 16th January Andrew Ward will deliver a Blackgrass Seminar entitled Blackgrass free crops are not just a dream – Andrew will go through in detail his 6-piece jigsaw and zero tolerance approach for eradicating the worst yield sapping weed in arable farming today. He has just had his 5th Blackgrass free harvest in succession while using less chemicals than 5 years ago resulting in a lower cost of production. All his figures and costs will be revealed.

Product Specialists will also be on hand to discuss and provide advice on machine choice, setup, optimisation and job management.

Take this unique opportunity for Yorkshire, to explore the latest innovations from a wide range of companies, speak to the experts and see all the products up close – all in the Warm & Dry!

BASIS and NRoSO points available at this event.

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