New Machinery

Kuhn 3570M Primor Straw BlowerKuhn 3570M Primor Straw Blower Price on ApplicationMarket WeightonSN: PrimorKuhn Espro 6000R DrillKuhn Espro 6000R Drill £75,000 ex VAT2020LouthSN: B1111583Kuhn GA8131 RakeKuhn GA8131 Rake £15,500 ex VATRiponSN: 11100932Kuhn Megant 480 DrillKuhn Megant 480 Drill Price on ApplicationTadcasterSN: 21121263Kuhn MERGE MAXX 950Kuhn MERGE MAXX 950 Price on ApplicationRiponSN: Kuhn MERGE MAXX 950Kuhn Profile Plus 18.2 DS Diet FeederEx-DemoKuhn Profile Plus 18.2 DS Diet Feeder £33,000 ex VAT2019RiponSN: 11095748Kuhn Profile Plus 18.2 DS Diet FeederKuhn Profile Plus 18.2 DS Diet Feeder £35,000 ex VATRiponSN: 11105658Kuhn RW1110C Wrap & StackKuhn RW1110C Wrap & Stack Price on ApplicationRiponSN: 11107647Kuhn RW1610C E-Twin WrapperEx-DemoKuhn RW1610C E-Twin Wrapper £9,750 ex VAT2017RiponSN: 11088026Kuhn RW1810 Bale WrapperKuhn RW1810 Bale Wrapper £12,500 ex VAT2019RiponSN: 11096988Kuhn HR4030 Power HarrowEx-DemoKuhn HR4030 Power Harrow £14,500 ex VAT2018RiponSN: 11094441Kuhn Furrow ExtensionKuhn Furrow Extension £2,250 ex VATStocktonSN: A1113035Kuhn MM123 PloughKuhn MM123 Plough Price on ApplicationBriggSN: E1114068Kuhn MM153 PloughKuhn MM153 Plough Price on ApplicationOttringhamSN: 31109027Kuhn Extra FurrowKuhn Extra Furrow £2,000 ex VATTadcasterSN: 21072770Kuhn Optimer +303 CultivatorKuhn Optimer +303 Cultivator Price on Application2020RiponSN: C1111171Kuhn Prolander 6000 CultivatorKuhn Prolander 6000 Cultivator Price on ApplicationRiponSN: D1111166

Used Machinery

Kuhn 2060M Feeder/BedderKuhn 2060M Feeder/Bedder £4,250 ex VAT2009StocktonSN: A1122141Kuhn 3560M Primor Feeder/BedderKuhn 3560M Primor Feeder/Bedder £4,250 ex VAT2000StocktonSN: A1123475Kuhn 3570M Primor Straw BlowerKuhn 3570M Primor Straw Blower £9,550 ex VAT2016RiponSN: A1120757Kuhn Accord HR4003 CombinationKuhn Accord HR4003 Combination £8,450 ex VAT2001MaltonSN: ANW-14-04-22Kuhn Axera 1102 H-EMC Fertiliser SpreaderKuhn Axera 1102 H-EMC Fertiliser Spreader £2,850 ex VAT2002StocktonSN: A1110533Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader £5,250 ex VATTadcasterSN: 21123650Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader Kuhn Axis 30.1 Fertiliser Spreader £3,500 ex VAT2009RetfordSN: D1124165Kuhn Axis 30.1 QE Fertiliser SpreaderKuhn Axis 30.1 QE Fertiliser Spreader £4,500 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31123011Kuhn FC 283 G11 Mower ConditionerKuhn FC 283 G11 Mower Conditioner £6,950 ex VAT2009KeighleySN: 71122412Kuhn FC 283D G11 Mower ConditionerKuhn FC 283D G11 Mower Conditioner £8,450 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 71118757Kuhn GA4321 GM RakeKuhn GA4321 GM Rake £3,950 ex VAT2015RetfordSN: D1122571Kuhn GF13012 TedderKuhn GF13012 Tedder £16,950 ex VAT2017LouthSN: F1118387Kuhn GMD 700 GII MowerKuhn GMD 700 GII Mower £4,750 ex VAT2002StocktonSN: A1118837Kuhn HR6004DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6004DR Power Harrow £12,750 ex VAT2011TadcasterSN: CH-13-04-22Kuhn MM183 PloughKuhn MM183 Plough £15,750 ex VATOttringhamSN: 31124219Kuhn VKM 280 Flail MowerKuhn VKM 280 Flail Mower £4,750 ex VATBriggSN: E1119523Kuhn MM153 PloughKuhn MM153 Plough £10,500 ex VATStocktonSN: A1117629Kuhn Power HarrowsKuhn Power Harrows Price on ApplicationRiponSN: RG-04-02-22Kuhn HR4003D Power HarrowKuhn HR4003D Power Harrow £7,250 ex VAT2006Market WeightonSN: 21122954Kuhn HR6004DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6004DR Power Harrow £17,500 ex VAT2016RiponSN: F1115037Kuhn HR6004DR Power HarrowKuhn HR6004DR Power Harrow £14,500 ex VAT2015StocktonSN: A1118870Kuhn HR6040R Power HarrowKuhn HR6040R Power Harrow £29,500 ex VAT2020StocktonSN: A1120893Kuhn L300NS CultimerKuhn L300NS Cultimer Price on Application2019LouthSN: 21111163

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Here at Ripon Farm Services we are able to offer a vast range of new, nearly new and used Kuhn agricultural machinery including the ever-popular Kuhn power harrow & Kuhn fertiliser spreader.

If you are in the market to buy a piece of agricultural machinery, there’s a really high chance that Kuhn will manufacture it. They cover every sector from ploughing and seeding to fertilisation and grass equipment.

Purchasing a piece of Kuhn machinery couldn’t be simpler when you are using Ripon Farm Services. We have a vast amount of knowledge in regards to Kuhn equipment and which model will best suit your needs. We can also offer both new and used Kuhn agricultural machinery. Thanks to having multiple branches of Ripon Farm Services spread across the country, we do hold a large selection of Kuhn products, however we can often acquire pieces of used machinery if we don’t have them in stock.