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New Machinery

John Deere C43 MowerJohn Deere C43 Mower £650 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDC43John Deere C52KSJohn Deere C52KS £1,105.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDC52KSJohn Deere D31RE ScarifierJohn Deere D31RE Scarifier £177.50 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDD31REJohn Deere D35RE ScarifierJohn Deere D35RE Scarifier £235 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDD35REJohn Deere D38R ScarifierJohn Deere D38R Scarifier £531.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDD39RJohn Deere D45C ScarifierJohn Deere D45C Scarifier £1,116.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDD45CJohn Deere JS63VJohn Deere JS63V £550 ex VATRiponSN: LMJS63VJohn Deere JS63VCJohn Deere JS63VC £703.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJD63VCJohn Deere JX90 MowerJohn Deere JX90 Mower £1,057.50 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDJX90John Deere JX90C MowerJohn Deere JX90C Mower £1,258.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDJX90CJohn Deere JX90CB MowerJohn Deere JX90CB Mower £1,348.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJD90CBJohn Deere M740 Trailed SprayerJohn Deere M740 Trailed Sprayer Price on ApplicationRiponSN: 51090575John Deere PRO47V MowerJohn Deere PRO47V Mower £1,045.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDPRO47VJohn Deere PRO53MV MowerJohn Deere PRO53MV Mower £1,063.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDPRO53MVJohn Deere R40 MowerJohn Deere R40 Mower £266.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR40John Deere R40EL MowerJohn Deere R40EL Mower £235.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR40ELJohn Deere R43 MowerJohn Deere R43 Mower £415.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR43John Deere R43EL MowerJohn Deere R43EL Mower £336.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR43ELJohn Deere R43S MowerJohn Deere R43S Mower £573.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR43SJohn Deere R43V MowerJohn Deere R43V Mower £645.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR43VJohn Deere R43VE MowerJohn Deere R43VE Mower £720.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR43VEJohn Deere R47KB MowerJohn Deere R47KB Mower £875 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR47KBJohn Deere R47S MowerJohn Deere R47S Mower £673.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR47SJohn Deere R47V MowerJohn Deere R47V Mower £750 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR47VJohn Deere R47VE MowerJohn Deere R47VE Mower £821.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR47VEJohn Deere R54RKB MowerJohn Deere R54RKB Mower £1,091.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR54KBJohn Deere R54S MowerJohn Deere R54S Mower £809.17 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR54SJohn Deere R54V MowerJohn Deere R54V Mower £933.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR54VJohn Deere R54VE MowerJohn Deere R54VE Mower £1,045.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDR54VEJohn Deere Run 41 MowerJohn Deere Run 41 Mower £321.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDRUN41John Deere Run 46 MowerJohn Deere Run 46 Mower £383.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDRUN46John Deere Run 51 MowerJohn Deere Run 51 Mower £458.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDRUN51John Deere Tango E5 Series II MowerJohn Deere Tango E5 Series II Mower £1,775 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDTANGOJohn Deere X106 John Deere X106 £1,770.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX106John Deere X115RJohn Deere X115R £2,100 ex VATRiponSN: 11088397John Deere X116RJohn Deere X116R £2,358.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX116RJohn Deere X126John Deere X126 £2,183.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX126John Deere X146RJohn Deere X146R £2,841.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX146RJohn Deere X166John Deere X166 £3,041.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX166John Deere X350A (Accell Deep Deck)John Deere X350A (Accell Deep Deck) £3,583.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX350John Deere X350M (Edge Deck)John Deere X350M (Edge Deck) £3,983.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX350John Deere X350RJohn Deere X350R £4,012.50 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX350RJohn Deere X354John Deere X354 £3,972.50 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX354John Deere X370A (Accel Deep Deck)John Deere X370A (Accel Deep Deck) £4,283.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX370John Deere X370M (Edge Deck)John Deere X370M (Edge Deck) £4,358.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX370John Deere X380 (Edge Mulch Deck)John Deere X380 (Edge Mulch Deck) £4,516.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX380John Deere X380A (Accel Deep Deck)John Deere X380A (Accel Deep Deck) £4,816.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX380John Deere X584 48John Deere X584 48 £6,154.17 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX584John Deere X584 54John Deere X584 54 £6,270.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX584John Deere X590 48John Deere X590 48 £6,075 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX590John Deere X590 54John Deere X590 54 £6,191.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDX590John Deere X750Ex-Demo / Shop SoiledJohn Deere X750 £10,850 ex VATRiponSN: 11089675John Deere Z335EJohn Deere Z335E £2,958.33 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDZ335EJohn Deere Z345MJohn Deere Z345M £3,270.83 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDZ345MJohn Deere Z345RJohn Deere Z345R £3,425 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDZ345RJohn Deere Z535MJohn Deere Z535M £4,441.67 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDZ535MJohn Deere Z540RJohn Deere Z540R £5,150 ex VATRiponSN: LMJDZ540RJohn Deere 4049M John Deere 4049M Price on ApplicationRiponSN: 11097595

Used Machinery

John Deere 131 Front Mower ConditionerJohn Deere 131 Front Mower Conditioner Price on Application2013KeighleySN: 71110397John Deere 324A Mower ConditionerJohn Deere 324A Mower Conditioner £3,950 ex VATMarket WeightonSN: C1099962John Deere 530 Mower ConditionerJohn Deere 530 Mower Conditioner £7,500 ex VAT2012DarringtonSN: 51106228John Deere 854 BalerJohn Deere 854 Baler £14,500 ex VAT2012Market WeightonSN: B1109765John Deere 960 BalerJohn Deere 960 Baler £17,500 ex VAT2012Market WeightonSN: B1099818John Deere 960 BalerJohn Deere 960 Baler £24,750 ex VAT2016Market WeightonSN: B1108093John Deere 990 Rotoflow BalerJohn Deere 990 Rotoflow Baler £16,950 ex VAT2014RiponSN: 71100765John Deere F440R BalerJohn Deere F440R Baler £18,000 ex VATKeighleySN: 71104961John Deere L1534 Large Square BalerJohn Deere L1534 Large Square Baler £68,750 ex VAT2018OttringhamSN: 31108693John Deere X740 Ride on MowerJohn Deere X740 Ride on Mower £4,750 ex VATBriggSN: E1104925John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £11,500 ex VAT2014KeighleySN: 71109136John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £10,750 ex VAT2013KeighleySN: 71098234John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £10,500 ex VAT2015StocktonSN: A1096962John Deere XUV855D GatorJohn Deere XUV855D Gator £7,950 ex VAT2013RiponSN: E1100164John Deere XUV855D GatorJohn Deere XUV855D Gator £9,750 ex VAT2013RiponSN: 11109516John Deere XUV855D GatorJohn Deere XUV855D Gator £12,250 ex VAT2017KeighleySN: 71100422John Deere XUV855D GatorJohn Deere XUV855D Gator £15,750 ex VAT2017RiponSN: B1099446John Deere 6330 PremiumJohn Deere 6330 Premium £28,000 ex VAT2012KeighleySN: 71107286John Deere 8600 Forage HarvesterJohn Deere 8600 Forage Harvester Price on Application2017RetfordSN: D1107510John Deere 6430John Deere 6430 £28,500 ex VAT2009RiponSN: 51109310John Deere C670 CombineJohn Deere C670 Combine £68,500 ex VAT2010LouthSN: F1099815John Deere 6430 PremiumJohn Deere 6430 Premium £27,500 ex VAT2007KeighleySN: 71107122John Deere S680 CombineJohn Deere S680 Combine £135,000 ex VAT2012RetfordSN: D1100412John Deere T550 Hillmaster CombineJohn Deere T550 Hillmaster Combine £155,000 ex VAT2018RiponSN: D1105284John Deere 6630John Deere 6630 Price on Application2012MaltonSN: C1110212John Deere T550 Level Land CombineJohn Deere T550 Level Land Combine Price on Application2008RiponSN: 11098047John Deere 6830 PremiumJohn Deere 6830 Premium £36,500 ex VAT2009Market WeightonSN: B1105294John Deere T560 CombineJohn Deere T560 Combine Price on Application2017Market WeightonSN: B1099519John Deere 6830 PremiumJohn Deere 6830 Premium £46,000 ex VAT2012RiponSN: D1107076John Deere T560 Level Land CombineJohn Deere T560 Level Land Combine Price on Application2015Market WeightonSN: 11098587John Deere 6920S Premium PlusJohn Deere 6920S Premium Plus £31,500 ex VAT2006MaltonSN: C1110935John Deere 7530 PremiumJohn Deere 7530 Premium Price on Application2009StocktonSN: A1097575John Deere 5115MJohn Deere 5115M £50,750 ex VAT2018RiponSN: 11106357John Deere 5100RJohn Deere 5100R Price on Application2018Market WeightonSN: B1101043John Deere 6100MCJohn Deere 6100MC £32,950 ex VAT2014DarringtonSN: 51108089John Deere 6120MJohn Deere 6120M £54,000 ex VAT2017KeighleySN: 71109363John Deere 6125RJohn Deere 6125R £55,000 ex VAT2015KeighleySN: E1099764John Deere 6140M John Deere 6140M £47,500 ex VAT2015RiponSN: D1102052John Deere 6140R John Deere 6140R £46,500 ex VAT2013RiponSN: E1105414John Deere 6140R PremiumJohn Deere 6140R Premium £44,500 ex VAT2013RiponSN: 11108861John Deere 6140R PremiumJohn Deere 6140R Premium £52,950 ex VAT2015RiponSN: 51107735John Deere 6145RJohn Deere 6145R £85,750 ex VAT2018TadcasterSN: 21109852John Deere 6150R John Deere 6150R £58,500 ex VAT2014RetfordSN: E1108664John Deere 6155MJohn Deere 6155M £55,950 ex VAT2016RiponSN: 11107053John Deere 6155R PremiumJohn Deere 6155R Premium £56,750 ex VAT2016OttringhamSN: 31106388John Deere 6155RJohn Deere 6155R £68,000 ex VAT2016KeighleySN: 71107568John Deere 6155RJohn Deere 6155R £58,500 ex VAT2016BriggSN: E1099248John Deere 6175RJohn Deere 6175R £58,500 ex VAT2016StocktonSN: A1107729John Deere 6195RJohn Deere 6195R £64,500 ex VAT2015MaltonSN: C1108629John Deere 6210RJohn Deere 6210R £52,500 ex VAT2013BriggSN: E1106392John Deere 6215RJohn Deere 6215R Price on Application2015StocktonSN: A1097950John Deere 7230RJohn Deere 7230R £50,000 ex VAT2012BriggSN: E1099790John Deere 7260RJohn Deere 7260R £55,000 ex VAT2012MaltonSN: C1099792John Deere 7280R John Deere 7280R £56,500 ex VAT2013TadcasterSN: 21107753John Deere 7290RJohn Deere 7290R £119,950 ex VAT2018Market WeightonSN: B1110223John Deere 7290RJohn Deere 7290R £149,750 ex VAT2019Market WeightonSN: B1110145John Deere 7310RJohn Deere 7310R £98,500 ex VAT2015RiponSN: 11109255John Deere 8335RJohn Deere 8335R £79,500 ex VAT2015BriggSN: E1104654

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John Deere

As the world’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturer, John Deere invests $Billions every year into research and product development. The result a product that is at the forefront of technology, machinery that has reliability and performance and reliability built-in at every stage. At Ripon Farm Services, we are proud to be one of the largest John Deere dealer franchises in the country. Take a look at the extensive product line by clicking through our website