New Machinery

John Deere F440R BalerJohn Deere F440R Baler Price on ApplicationRiponSN: 21078292John Deere X115RJohn Deere X115R £1,958 ex VATRiponSN: 11088397John Deere X125 MowerJohn Deere X125 Mower £2,000 ex VATRiponSN: 11091510

Used Machinery

John Deere 1174 S11 CombineJohn Deere 1174 S11 Combine £18,000 ex VAT1991StocktonSN: A1105352John Deere 13 Garden TrailerJohn Deere 13 Garden Trailer £350 ex VATRiponSN: 11092236John Deere 2264 Levelland CombineJohn Deere 2264 Levelland Combine £33,000 ex VAT1998StocktonSN: A1073225John Deere 5115MJohn Deere 5115M £39,750 ex VAT2014StocktonSN: A1091412John Deere 582 BalerJohn Deere 582 Baler £7,500 ex VAT2005OttringhamSN: 31088981John Deere 6125M John Deere 6125M £46,750 ex VAT2014StocktonSN: A1092924John Deere 6150RJohn Deere 6150R £54,000 ex VAT2013TadcasterSN: 21083571John Deere 6170M John Deere 6170M £69,750 ex VAT2016DarringtonSN: 51091745John Deere 6210RJohn Deere 6210R £65,000 ex VAT2012OttringhamSN: 31091931John Deere 6215R John Deere 6215R £85,000 ex VAT2015KeighleySN: 71090860John Deere 6630 PremiumJohn Deere 6630 Premium £33,000 ex VAT2007KeighleySN: 71084661John Deere 6830 PremiumJohn Deere 6830 Premium £33,500 ex VAT2009KeighleySN: 71088920John Deere 6930 PremiumJohn Deere 6930 Premium £40,000 ex VAT2011KeighleySN: 71090020John Deere 7230RJohn Deere 7230R £78,500 ex VAT2012TadcasterSN: 21078533John Deere 7260RJohn Deere 7260R £68,000 ex VAT2011StocktonSN: A1072183John Deere 7530 John Deere 7530 £37,500 ex VAT2008StocktonSN: AW-01-06-17SOBOJohn Deere 8320RT John Deere 8320RT £112,500 ex VAT2014TadcasterSN: IM-22-12-17SOBOJohn Deere 8345RTJohn Deere 8345RT £95,000 ex VAT2011RiponSN: 11089834John Deere F440R BalerJohn Deere F440R Baler £18,000 ex VAT2015KeighleySN: SPA-20-11-17John Deere HPX 850D GatorJohn Deere HPX 850D Gator £8,550 ex VAT2010KeighleySN: 71089112John Deere Lightbar Guidance John Deere Lightbar Guidance £750 ex VATKeighleySN: 71073355John Deere S670 Levelland CombineJohn Deere S670 Levelland Combine £165,000 ex VAT2015RiponSN: ADW-12-09-17SOBOJohn Deere X155 MowerJohn Deere X155 Mower Price on ApplicationStocktonSN: A1090445John Deere X305R MowerJohn Deere X305R Mower £3,000 ex VATRiponSN: 11092234John Deere XUV 850D Green ATVJohn Deere XUV 850D Green ATV £7,500 ex VAT2009RiponSN: 11070424John Deere XUV 855D GatorJohn Deere XUV 855D Gator £11,250 ex VAT2014StocktonSN: A1092230

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John Deere

As the world’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturer, John Deere invests $Billions every year into research and product development. The result a product that is at the forefront of technology, machinery that has reliability and performance and reliability built-in at every stage. At Ripon Farm Services, we are proud to be one of the largest John Deere dealer franchises in the country. Take a look at the extensive product line by clicking through our website